Friday, December 20, 2019

Dave Kerzner Covers 24 Years Of Music With New "Breakdown" Compilation

Progressive rock artist Dave Kerzner recently released a career retrospective titled "Breakdown: A Compilation 1995-2019." It contains almost two hours of music that Kerzner has created for one of his two studio albums, as well as gathering songs from some of his live releases to deliver an overview of his amazing talents. Along with songs that have been previously released on his albums, are alternate versions of "Ocean Of Stars," "My Old Friend" and "Into The Sun," which gives these songs a more meaningful perspective. Some of the more special tracks on this new compilation are the epic live songs like the nearly eight-minute, Pink Floydian-sounding "The Truth Behind" and "New World," with special guest Francis Dunnery on vocals.

This set also includes some previously unreleased tracks, like "Breakdown," an outtake from his solo album "Static" and "Only Breathing Out," which was originally written and recorded for his early band, Sound Of Contact. Dave Kerzner also included his collaborations with prog-rock giants like Steve Hackett (Genesis) on the progressive melody of "Crash Landing" and Jon Davidson (YES) on the electronic wizardry of "All That Is." The set closes with a couple more live tracks, the intense delivery of "Omega Point" and the more flowing soundscape of "Not Coming Down." To find out more about Dave Kerzner and his latest release "Breakdown: A Compilation 1992-2019," please visit

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