Sunday, December 15, 2019

Drummer Bill Bruford Expands Upon Earthworks "Heavenly Bodies" Compilation

Former Yes and King Crimson drummer Bill Bruford recently released an expanded version of his 1997 Earthworks' compilation "Heavenly Bodies." Bruford describes it as "the ideal beginners guide for newcomers to the band." Earlier this year, Bruford's Earthworks band released the 24-disc box set that feature the band's complete discography (Review: and now he delivers a condensed "best of" set, "Heavenly Bodies - The Expanded Collection." It features 23 tracks that gives a complete overview of the band's twenty year history.

This new set was hand-picked by Bill Bruford, as he tries to showcase the band's jazzy side with tracks like "Making A Song And Dance," "Nerve" and "No Truce With The Furies," while the band always looked to push the boundaries of the genre. This new compilation also displays Earthworks more emotional side with the gentle flow of "It Needn't End In Tears" and "Dewey Eyed And Dancing," while the controlled frenzy of "Bridge Of Inhibition" allows the band to let loose and explore. Bruford also liked to make sure the drums were also one of the featured instruments, as he leads the way in songs like "Thud" and "Blues For Little Joe." To find out even more about this new double-disc compilation of Earthworks' "Heavenly Bodies," please visit

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