Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Ease Into New Releases From The Folk Band String Machine and Guitarist Steve Eulberg

As a new year quickly approaches, so does a new opportunity for String Machine, as they recently signed on to the Know Hope Records roster. The label will reissue the band latest studio album "Death Of The Neon," which was originally self-released back in August. The album's nine-song release begins with the strum of  acoustics, which flows in the soaring melody of "Engine/It's Time." String Machine keep things simple on the Americana sound of "Old Mack," while the beauty of "Rattle On The Spoke" is simply magical and your ears will thank you for it. They experiment with their sound, switching tempos, on the nearly six-minute title song "Death Of The Neon," before finishing off their album the folk-rock of "Pit Of The Peach" and the quiet flowing chorus of "Comforts." To find out more about String Machine and the new reissue of "Death Of The Neon," please visit facebook.com/stringmachinemusic

Guitarist Steve Eulberg recently released a new album of all instrumental songs titled "Between The Tracks." The new thirteen-song set features a relaxed setting as Steve and his guitar soothe your worries away. The beautiful finger-picking of "Habits" and the gentle flow of "For Emily" will simply put your mind at ease as you listen to his comforting guitar playing. The title-song "Between The Tracks" carries a classic, nostalgic country vibe, while "Charlie's Wrinkle" has an island melody that sways just enough to feel the groove. Steve becomes more playful with "The Guitar Twiddle" and "Traded My Thyroid In," before closing out his new album with the wonderful classical guitar play of "Guitar Etude No. 3" and the folk strumming of "Walking Down The Trail." To find out more about Steve Eulberg and his latest release "Between The Tracks," please visit steveeulberg.com

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