Monday, December 30, 2019

Get Ready To "Bounce" With Michael Wolff, While Cary Grace Becomes The "Lady Of Turquoise"

Jazz pianist Michael Wolff is preparing to release his new album "Bounce" on February 7th. It features ten tracks, beginning with the upbeat, swinging rhythm of the title song, which just gets you in the mood for a good time. The album continues with the gentle sway of "Chill" and the sweet island vibe of the "Caribbean Rain Dance." Just as Michael slows the tempo down completely with the quiet ballad "Long Lost," his son Nat Wolff gets into the action with the smooth vocals of "Cool Kids." The action picks back up quickly with the swift pace of "You And The Night And The Music," before closing out the album with the bopping bass line of "Picasso" and the exciting touch of keys on the grand appeal of "Omar Sharif." To find out more about Michael Wolff and his latest release "Bounce," please visit

British artist Cary Grace is preparing to release her new album "Lady Of Turquoise" in January. It features thirteen tracks, beginning with the gentle, swaying groove of the instrumental opener "Khepera At The Dawn," before delivering a dark, folk/rock vibe to "Letterbox." Her music has a three-dimensional feel, as she displays a bluesy tone with "Into Dust" and a layered synthesized sound to "Afterglow" in order to showcase her songwriting diversity. Cary Grace takes you on a sonic trip with the twelve-minute "Costume Jewelry," as the intensity of the song continues to build with the clash of guitars and keyboards. Her skills on the guitar are on full display during the blues of "Moonflowers (Fade To Black)," before she finishes her new album with the quiet, progressive jazz fusion of "Castle Of Dreams" and the eleven-minute, ambient, electronic rock of "Lady Of Turquoise." To find out more about Cary Grace and her new album "Lady Of Turquoise," please visit

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