Monday, December 9, 2019

New Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Releases From Clint Lowery, Drev, The Alchemy and Downpresser

Singer, songwriter, guitarist and co-founder of Sevendust, Clint Lowery is preparing to release his debut solo album next month. The new ten-track release titled "God Bless The Renegades" features Lowery's signature guitar sound and vocals, as he allows the songs to breathe and flow from his experiences and inspirations. He kicks off the album with the chugging rhythm of the title-song "God Bless The Renegades," as Lowery incorporates the help of Wolfgang Van Halen. The album's lead single "Kings" is carried by the song's pounding rhythm, while maintaining it's hard rock edge, while "You Go First" has a pop/rock glaze on it, which is built for mainstream rock radio. Clint Lowery closes out his new album with the arena-sized, sing-along anthem "Silver Lining" and the emotional break-through of "Do We Fear God." To find out more about Clint Lowery and his new solo album "God Bless The Renegades," please visit

On November 15th, Labile Records released the sophomore effort, "Hollow Loss" from Drev, the musical outlet from Boston artist Jess Hewitt. The new nine-song release combines the hardcore aggressive nature of heavy metal with the perfectly timed rhythms of industrial music to make a new landscape in sound. Drev begins with the clash of drums and buzzing electronics of "Welcome Back" and the dark, industrial rock clash of "Crossover." The rhythmic pattern of "Drifting" lays the groundwork for the song's more accessible electronic rock sound. Drev wraps up his new album with the energetic sonic build-up of "Catch" and the simpler, subtle, mainstream flow of "Carefree." To find out more about Drev and his latest release "Hollow Loss," please visit

British rock band, The Alchemy recently released their full-length debut album, "Chemical Daydream" back on November 8th. The new ten-song release kicks off with the powerfully, aggressive nature of "Diamond Bones," which will shake your speakers. The Alchemy craft the perfect arena rocker with "Take Me Alive," while "Gateway Drug" contains all the elements of mainstream, modern rock success. They slow things down with the atmospheric flow of "Intertwined" and the burning emotions of "Give Me The Sky," before closing their new album with the passionate electronic rock approach of "Chemical Daydream." To find out more about The Alchemy and their new album "Chemical Daydream," please visit the band's Facebook page at

Before the end of the year closes out the decade, we get the latest release from the hardcore metal band, Downpresser. Their new album titled "The Long Goodbye" is the perfect send off for this decade of chaos. They kick the door down with the aggressive attack of the title-track "The Long Goodbye," as pounding rhythms and screaming vocals will get your adrenaline pumping. The energy of these songs just keep hitting you with their titanic waves of sound, as in "Death Instinct" and "Two Stood Last (See You Around)." Downpresser turn it up a notch with the swift, hard-hitting "Right To Profit," before finishing their new album with hardcore rhythmic attack of "Crisis Of Faith" and the heavy metal bashing of "Endgame." To find out more about Downpresser and their latest release "The Long Goodbye," please visit

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