Thursday, December 5, 2019

New Heavy Metal Releases From Svarttjern, Porta Nigra, Rat King and Ironflame

As the beginning of a new year (and a new decade) quickly approaches, we will be receiving some new heavy metal music from Europe (Svarttjern, Porta Nigra) and from here in the U.S. (Rat King, Ironflame). Arriving on January 17th, is the new full-length album "Shame Is Just A Word" from Norwegian death metal band, Svarttjern. Their new eight song release kicks down the door with it's aggressive album opener "Prince Of Disgust," as the music comes blasting out of your speakers. The six-minute "Melodies Of Lust" showcases the band's more progressive side, switching between melodies to display the song's raw emotion. Svarttjern wrap up their new album with the steady pounding rhythm and growling vocals of "Ravish Me," along with the thrash metal guitar riffs of the title song, "Shame Is Just A Word." To find out more about Svarttjern and their latest release "Shame Is Just A Word," please visit

Next, from Germany comes the latest release from the Black Metal band, Porta Nigra. Their new album "Schopfungswut" features only six tracks, but each track is a epic blast of sonic aggression, beginning with the neck-breaking speed of "Die Kosmiker." Their energy continues to demand your attention, as in the eight-minute epic "Das Rad des lxion," while "Die Entweihung von Freya" is a wall of heavy metal sound that just punches you in the face with it's shear force. Porta Nigra close out their new album with the aggressive power of the title song "Schopfungswut," which is nearly nine-minute of quick-pounding rhythms and growling vocals. To find out more about Porta Nigra and their latest release "Schopfungswut," please visit

Sticking closer to home, we have the return of the Seattle metal band Rat King and their latest release "Vicious Inhumanity." It features nine tracks, beginning with the build-up of "Matanza," that just explodes with controlled chaos that will make you take notice of this band. The trio continue with the two-minute intensity of "Borratanico" and the buzzing guitars of "Chaleco De Billetes," before arriving at their epic album highlight "In Quiet Sleep." Rat King finish with the death metal frenzy of "Zero" and the final high-energy attack of "Rotting From Inside." To find out more about Rat King and their latest release "Vicious Inhumanity," please visit

Finally we arrive at the February release of heavy metal warriors Ironflame's latest album "Blood Red Victory." This is the band's third full-length release, as they continue to carry the torch of classic thrash metal with this new eight-song set. Ironflame begin with the swift pace of "Gates Of Evermore," as you will fully appreciate the band's stellar musicianship. The album continues with the steady drumming and electrifying guitars of "Honor Bound" and the classic high-powered metal sound of "Seekers Of The Blade." Ironflame's influences come shining through on songs like "On Ashen Wings" and "Grace And Valor," before closing with the epic tale of the "Night Queen." To find out more about Ironflame and their latest release "Blood Red Victory," please visit

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