Monday, December 2, 2019

New Music From Artists Golden Cinema, The Pairs, Opeongo, Zinnia, JS Williams, Debra-Jean Creelman

From Prince Edward Island comes the debut EP from the modern rock trio, Golden Cinema. The new 3-song set titled "Peachy Keen EP" begins with the title song, which features a melodic tone that invites you to enjoy their fresh, raw sound. The album continues with the steady pace of "Colour Me In," before closing with the quick energetic rock shot of "Nostalgia." To find out more about Golden Cinema and their latest "Peachy Keen EP," please visit

Americana/Folk band, The Pairs recently released their new full-length album titled "Noise." The twelve-track release begins with the harmonies of "Did I," backed by a steady stomp/clap rhythm. The Pairs deliver a pop-infused sound to "Fallen," while "Hand In Hand" carries a nostalgic jazz waltz. They plug in for the full-on rock assault of "Poison Water," then showcase their softer side on the gentle acoustics of "Will And A Way." The Pairs close out their new album with the emotional, dark tones of "Fire And Rain" along with the soft, quiet strumming and beautiful vocals of "Put The Gun Down." To find out more about The Pairs and their new album "Noise," please visit their Facebook page at

Singer/songwriter Keegan Trumpour recently released his debut album as Opeongo. The album titled "Miasma" features eleven tracks, beginning with the stark, classical-sounding piano backdrop of the title song, followed by the alt-pop delivery of "Everything:Something:Anything:Nothing." Opeongo pours all his emotions into the ballads "Hopeless" and "Port Boys," before finishing with folksy blues of "September #9" and the nine-minute experimental, epic closer "Miasma #2." To find out more about Opeongo and his latest release "Miasma," please visit his Facebook page at

Synth-pop artist Zinnia recently released her full-length debut album "Sensations In Two Dot" back in November. It features nine-tracks, beginning with the slow, steady pace of "Yellowstone," as Zinnia is allowed to let her vocals soar. She quickens the pace for "Black Bark, Yellow Leaves," while the melodic tone of "Lupins" will certainly turn you in a fan of Zinnia. The album closes with the slow blues of "Soft Place To Land," the exciting, energetic pop rhythm of "Requiem" and the addictive pop vibe of "Dreamer." To find out more about Zinnia and her latest release "Sensations In Two Dot," please visit

Canadian singer/songwriter JS Williams recently released his debut album titled "From A Plane." It features eight tracks, beginning with the mellow, ambient tone of "Only Oceans" and the acoustic strumming, floating vocals of "Montmarte." Williams quietly lets the music of "My Name Is December" just glide along, as he sings with heart and passion. He finishes up his new album with the modern, alternative rock of "Forest Fires" and the slow-moving ballad "Rachel Est." To find out more about JS Williams and his latest release "From A Plane," please visit

Electro-pop artist Debra-Jean Creelman just released her new six-song EP title "Triggers & Mirrors." Her new set is filled with energetic pop anthems like "Smoke" and "All Your Life," while "No More Maureen" is a sonic blast of pulsating beats and rhythms. Debra-Jean Creelman closes out her new short release with the slow, bluesy flow of "How Many Times." To find out more about her new release "Triggers & Mirrors," please visit her Facebook page at

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