Wednesday, December 4, 2019

New Releases From Metal Blade Records Artists Cattle Decapitation & Oni

It has been four years since we last heard from Cattle Decapitation and they have finally returned with their bleakest hope of our planet with "Death Atlas." Their new album was released on November 29th through Metal Blade Records and features fourteen new death metal anthems to behold. After the build-up of the introduction track "Anthropogenic: End Transmission," the album kicks it into high gear with the blow-back speed of "The Geocide." Cattle Decapitation keeps the intensity on full blast with "Be Still Our Bleeding Hearts" and the chugging thrash metal rhythm of "One Day Closer To The End Of The World." The screams and howls of "Finish Them" continue the album's death metal assault on your ears, before Cattle Decapitation wraps up their new album with the tempo changes of "Time's Cruel Curtain" and the nine-minute progressive metal closer "Death Atlas." To find out more about Cattle Decapitation and their latest release "Death Atlas," please visit their Facebook page at

Next, on December 13th is the arrival of the new five-song EP titled "Alone" from Oni. Led by vocalist Jake Oni, this new release follows the 2016 debut "Ironshore" and continues their exciting, modern hard rock sound. Beginning with the title song "Alone," Oni displays the perfect balance of aggression and melody to give the music an addictive edginess. The intensity grows on the heavy metal attack of "Dead Inside," before Oni finish up their new album with six-minutes of pounding rhythms and screaming vocals that should last until their next new release. To find out more about Oni, please visit

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