Saturday, December 21, 2019

Paul Kelly Collects Over 40 Songs For New Greatest Hits Compilation

One of Australia's greatest songwriters, Paul Kelly, will have his first career-spanning release titled "Songs From The South 1985-2019." It will be released on January 10th on CD (43 tracks) and as a double LP (26 tracks) through the Gawd Aggie/Cooking Vinyl label. The set begins with the acoustic folk strumming of "From St. Kilda To Kings Cross," before quickly kicking the tempo up with the pop rock of "Before Too Long" and the grungier, rawness of "Darling It Hurts." The addictive swinging rhythm of "To Her Door" and wonderfully thought-provoking lyrics of "From Little Thing Big Things Grow," showcases the diversity in Paul Kelly's songwriting that has given him a career that has lasted over three decades.

The nearly eight-minute story of "Bradman" is a classic tale, while "Nothing On My Mind" is pure hard rock fun that also fits in perfectly into Kelly's repertoire. He soothes your worries away with songs like "You Lovin' Is On My Mind" and the graceful ballad "You're 39 You're Beautiful And You're Mine." The set closes with Paul Kelly collaborating with Dan Sultan on the alt-pop vibe of "Every Day My Mother's Voice" and with Kasey Chambers on the previously unreleased track "When We're Both Old & Mad," as she compliments Kelly's vocals perfectly. To find out more about Paul Kelly's new compilation "Songs From The South 1985-2019," please visit

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