Sunday, December 29, 2019

Storm Force Rev Up The "Age Of Fear" With Highly Anticipated Debut Album

Canadian hard rockers Storm Force will unleash their debut studio album "Age Of Fear" on January 24th. The band is led by Canadian rock legend and Brighton Rock founder, guitarist Greg Fraser and vocalist Patrick Gagliardi (Surface Tension), as they bring their classic rock influences to this new release. The album begins with the grand keyboard opening of "Because Of You," which quickly kicks up the energy with the song's nostalgic rock vibe. The band's powerful hard hitting sound is felt in the electrifying tone of the title song "Age Of Fear," as Gagliardi's vocals are pure hard rock gold. Storm Force develop the perfect classic rock melody with "Breathe," while "Ride Like Hell" and "Dirty Vegas" are aggressive assaults on your ears with their chugging guitars, pounding rhythms and addictive chorus.

The band wrap up their new album with the burning power ballad "More Than You Know," followed by the powerfully raw hard rocker "Marshall Law" and the sonic blast of "Ringside," which leaves you wanting a repeat listen of this amazing new album from Storm Force. To find out more about the band and their latest release "Age Of Fear," please visit

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