Saturday, December 28, 2019

The New Year Features New Releases From Amber Weekes, Carol Albert and Ellen Edwards

On January 3rd, jazz vocalist Amber Weekes will release her new album titled "Pure Imagination." The thirteen-track release includes some of Amber's favorite jazz and vocal standards that she covers, adding her own special style to these well-known tracks. Amber kicks things off with her jazzy interpretation of the children's classic "Pure Imagination," which finds her performing with her longtime teacher Sue Raney. Next, Amber picks up the pace with the swinging rhythm of "It's All Right With Me" and "Gotta Be This Or That." One of her favorite artists to cover is Oscar Brown Jr., as she does so with a trio of songs ("The Snake," "Brown Baby" and "Mister Kicks") and another artist must be the smooth melodies of Johnny Mercer ("When October Goes") which she performs twice on this new album. She closes out her new release with the beautiful ballad "The Way He Makes Me Feel" (duet with Mon David) and the upbeat, New Orleans-style of "Gone At Last." To find out more about Amber Weekes and her latest release "Pure Imagination," please visit

Then we fast forward to the end of January, where pianist, composer and singer Carol Albert will be releasing her new studio album "Stronger Now" on January 31st. It features ten new compositions, beginning with the uplifting instrumental title song "Stronger Now." The melody of the keys is so perfect that there is no need for vocals. The album continues with the shake and swagger of "Love Again," while "Perfect Sunday" carries a jazzy vibe that simply energizes the song's groove. Carol Albert and her band add a little Latin flair, which brings some excitement to the rhythm of "Femme Flight" and "Sun's Out," before finishing her new album with an appearance of her vocals on the poetic ballads "I Am Fine" and "'Til We Meet Again." To find out more about Carol Albert and her latest release "Stronger Now," please visit

Hopping over to February we find the new five-song EP from award-winning singer-songwriter Ellen Edwards. Her new album titled "Ellen Edwards, A New York Session" finds her teaming up with some New York studio musicians to deliver her latest batch of songs in a slightly different setting that what Ellen is used to. The album kicks off with the swift, waltz of "Over There," before slowing down for the bluesy tone of "Let The Fire Grow." The gentle piano ballad "Blue And Green" allows her wonderful vocals to soar, before closing out her new release with the fun, upbeat groove of "The Queen's Bridge." To find out more about Ellen Edwards and her latest release "A New York Session," please visit

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