Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Niro Team Up With Gary Lucas and Bernie Mora Works Again With Tangent On New Releases

Italian rock band, The Niro recently release their new album "The Complete Jeff Buckley & Gary Lucas Songbook." The Niro were inspired to dive into the early nineties collaboration between the two artists, as Buckley and Lucas wrote about a dozen songs together to be featured on the next Gods And Monsters' album (Gary Lucas' band). Now, fast forward to 2019 and Gary Lucas has teamed up with The Niro to record all of the songs written during that session with Jeff Buckley. The new twelve-song set begins with the nearly ten-minute, high energy rocker "No One Music Find Your Here," highlighted by the amazing guitar work of Gary Lucas. The music takes on a more Americana/Folk-Rock approach with "Story Without Words," while "Distortion" is a full-on, alternative/grunge rock assault. The mellow flow of "Mojo Pin" (one of only two songs that Buckley recorded for his "Grace" album) showcases The Niro's softer side, along with the acoustic strumming of "She Is Free." The set closes with Gary Lucas taking the lead on the rockabilly/punk-like fury of "Malign Fiesta (No Soul)" and the beautiful touch of "Grace." To find out more about The Niro and their collaboration with Gary Lucas on "The Complete Jeff Buckley & Gary Lucas Songbook," please visit

Back in October, the Rhombus Records label released a stellar collaboration between guitarist Bernie Mora and the jazz-fusion band Tangent. The new album titled "No Agenda" features nine amazing tracks that blends together the musical worlds of jazz, funk and rock. The band kick things off with the up-tempo, give-and-take of "Mon Cheri," as sort of an introduction as to what this team-up has to offer. Mora and Tangent continue with the much more intense, high-energy rock delivery of "Commando Roll," before the funky breaks of "Later Daze" will make you want to get up and shake your hips. Bernie Mora's long-time drummer, Doc Anthony passed away during the recording of this album, and as a tribute, the song "Doc The Clock" features some of the last work of the late-musician. Mora and Tangent wrap up their new collaboration with the swift, progressive rock pace of "Cup A Joe" and the beautiful, relaxing island vibe of "It's A Honu World." To find out more about Bernie Mora and Tangent's new release "No Agenda," please visit

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