Friday, January 31, 2020

Richie Kotzen Releases 50 New Songs For His 50th Birthday On New "50 FOR 50" Album

Guitarist/singer/songwriter Richie Kotzen is doing something very special for his 50th birthday (which happens to be on Monday, February 3rd). Instead of receiving presents, he is giving his fans a present. A new album of 50 unreleased, unpublished songs that Kotzen had hanging around in his vault that were written and performed by Kotzen for his birthday celebration. The release titled "50 FOR 50" is a three-disc set of full songs. These are not just thoughts, but full songs that show us the many different sides to Richie Kotzen's songwriting. 

The first disc comes right out rocking with the electrifying energy of "Stick The Knife" and "As You Are," which is exactly what we would expect from this veteran guitarist. The nice surprises on this first disc are the funk-infused, jazz/rock fusion of "Dirty Tricks" and the low-down blues of "Living The Dream." Kotzen touches upon progressive rock, with the build up of "Devil's Hand" and also showcases his softer side with the emotional closer "Innocuous."

The second disc of this set  begins with the seventies, guitar rock sound of "Radar" and the aggressive hard-hitting "Freeze." His sound takes a turn toward pop/rock with "Who I Am," before delivering the exciting, guitar wizardry of "Feather Weights." He takes you to the church of rock with the power ballad "Second Page," while "Circus Song" is a swift-pace guitar instrumental which reminds you of his amazing talents on the instrument. It feels like Richie brought some Prince influences to "Lay It On," before finishing with the slow, swaying melody of "I Am A Clown."

The third and final disc of this new release finds Kotzen return to the hard rock of "Play The Field" and "Dark Places," before switching gears once again for the slow, burning blues of "My Circles." The sweet harmonies and gentle touch of "Edge Of The Earth" allow you focus on the song's beautiful lyrics, while "She's The Man" finds Kotzen getting funky with his guitar work. The 50 song set wraps up with the welcoming guitar instrumental workout of "July 14" and the spiritual feel of "This House." To find out more about Richie Kotzen and his new release 50 FOR 50," please visit

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Heavy Metal Singer Don Dokken Reissues His Acoustic Album "Solitary" With Bonus Tracks

Heavy Metal icons Don Dokken and George Lynch will be crossing paths for some live shows this summer in the U.S.. The two have not toured together in almost five years, since the classic Dokken line-up played together in Japan in 2016. Singer Don Dokken is also reissuing his 2008 solo album "Solitary" on January 31st through Deadline Music in association with Cleopatra Records. It features a mix of original compositions and cover songs done acoustically, which was originally only available at his shows.

Dokken may be best known for the hard-hitting metal tracks "In My Dreams" and "Breaking The Chains," but this new reissue of his solo album showcases his quieter side with songs like "In The Meadow" and "I'll Never Forget." Dokken also received help on this album from some friends (Tony Franklin on bass and Vinnie Colaiuta on drums) on such songs as "Ship Of Fools" and "You Are Everything."

This new reissue includes three bonus tracks that where not on the original release. The first one you come across is the emotional piano ballad "Jealous" that finds Don pouring his heart into this performance. One of the more interesting tracks on this new reissue is Don's cover of Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On," which finds Don at his most fragile. The final bonus track is another piano ballad, which delivers the grand appeal of "All That Love Can Be" that also displays Don's passion for singing, whether its heavy metal or heartfelt ballads. Don Dokken's new release will be available on CD, digitally and on special limited edition red vinyl. To find out more about "Solitary," please visit

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

New Music From Indie-Rock Newcomers Zooluxx and Trigger Cut

Indie-rock quartet, Zooluxx are ready to release their latest batch of new songs, which are teamed-up with their debut EP ("The Ghetto Starship") to create the album, "Just A Little Bit." The ten track release is broken up into two sections, beginning with the band's newest set songs. Zooluxx begin by taking you down south with the blaring, raw guitar blast of "Golden Gun Blues" and then rocking out with the Philly-soul sounding "Brown Boogie." They seem to get more experimental and funky with a pair of tracks "Just A Little Bit" and "Ghetto Starship," before wrapping up their new album with punk-like energy of "Green Lady" and live-sounding, sonic blast of "Different Planets." To find out more about Zooluxx and their latest release "Just A Little Bit," please visit

Fellow newcomers, Trigger Cut recently released their debut album "Buster," which features ten tracks that blur the lines between alternative rock, grunge, punk and heavy metal music. They kick off their new album with the raw, slightly chaotic romp of "Hellcat Bob," which carries an early nineties, underground indie-rock vibe. They follow that up with the sonic blast of "Blind" that finds Trigger Cut more concerned with sending an aggressive message, than finding a proper melody. You will find yourself absorbing the pounding rhythm of "Free Hugs," as Trigger Cut keep you guessing on what comes next. They pick up the intensity during the chorus of "Mute Driver," before finishing with the punk-like feel of "I Know She Knows" and the exciting romp of "Westworld." To find out more about Trigger Cut and their latest release "Buster," please visit

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

New International Heavy Metal Releases From Wombbath and Tulus

Just over a month away comes the arrival of the fourth full-length album from Swedish death metal band, Wombbath. Their new release titled "Choirs Of The Fallen" features ten aggressive tracks that are created for one purpose, and that is to blow your mind (and eardrums). The album comes blasting out the gate with the intense rhythm of "Fallen," which simply hits you with its wall of sound that even becomes chaotic at times. Wombbath mix up the tempos of "Crawling From The Pits" to give their music more depth, while "We Shall Remain" displays some great metal guitar riffs. Their music becomes even more epic with the chanting lyrics of "Void" and the melodic breakdown during "Wings Of Horror," before finishing with the final three-minute, sonic attack of "In A Cloak Of Anger." To find out more about Wombbath and their latest release "Choirs Of The Fallen," please visit

Arriving on March 6th as well, is the latest studio effort from Norwegian black metal band, Tulus. This is the band's sixth album and features ten tracks that are ready to get your adrenaline pumping. The new album titled "Old Old Death" begins with a dark, eerie opening of "Hel" that quickly explodes with intensity. Tulus slow down the pace with "Jord," before delivering some classic metal riffs with "I Havet hos Ran," which is sung in the band's native language. Next, Tulus turns the energy to eleven with the high-powered attack of "Flukt" and then darken the metal path once more with the deep growls of "Grunn Grav." The trio wrap up their new album with the two-minute blast of "Villkjeft" and the doom metal feel of "In Memoriam." To find out more about Tulus and their latest release "Old Old Death," please visit

Monday, January 27, 2020

New Metal Blade Records Releases From Black Metal Artists God Dethroned and Blaze Of Perdition

The premier Netherlands black metal band, God Dethroned are ready to unleash their new Metal Blade Records release "Illuminati" on February 7th. The new nine-song release continues to show the band's growth in songwriting since their return in 2017, after a seven-year absence. God Dethroned kick down the doors of heavy metal with the high-powered opening attack of the title-song "Illuminati," which grows with intensity and speed. The growling vocals of "Broken Halo" and the chugging guitar riffs of "Book Of Lies" give their sound a more mature black metal appeal, which in-return shows more depth in their songs. The band continue to write against religion, as displayed in the story of "Gabriel," before finishing their new album with the hard-hitting juggernaut "Blood Moon Eclipse," which feel like a calling to the black metal army. To find out more about God Dethroned and their latest release "Illuminati," please visit

Arriving the following week, on February 14th, is fifth full-length album from the Polish black metal band, Blaze Of Perdition. Their new release titled "The Harrowing Of Hearts" features seven tracks that showcase the band's Gothic rock influences as they "blaze" a trail of aggressive metal music through your mind. Blaze Of Perdition begin with the buzzing guitar frenzy of "Suffering Made Bliss," as the growling vocals and solid, intense drumming power the song's eight-minute length. They display a more melodic sound on "With Madman's Faith," while "Transmutation Of Sins" is an angry, raw attack, fueled by pure emotion. Blaze Of Perdition mix in tempo changes on the nine-minute, progressive metal journey of "The Great Seducer," before closing with the dark, eerie, straight-up heavy metal assault of "Moonchild," which may be the gateway for new fans to discover this premier Polish black metal band. To find out more about Blaze Of Perdition and their latest release "The Harrowing Of Hearts," please visit

Sunday, January 26, 2020

The Sweet Lizzy Project Will Help You See Music In "Technicolor" With Debut Release

Cuban-based rock band, Sweet Lizzy Project are preparing to release their debut album "Technicolor" on February 21st. The group was discovered during the filming of "Havana Time Machine" for PBS, as The Mavericks' Raul Malo took the band under his wing and helped get their debut album released under his band's record company, Mono Mundo Recordings.

The Sweet Lizzy Project's ten-track released begins with one of the most exciting songs in the set, the six-minute rocker "Technicolor," which features some amazing guitar work and an addictive pop chorus. They continue with the Cuban-flavored rhythm of "Turn Up The Radio," as their sound continues to grow with excitement, especially with the upbeat, heavier rock approach of "Ain't Nobody To Call."

Sweet Lizzy Project slow down for the ballad "Tu Libertad," which is sung in their native language, while "The Flower's In The Seed" finds the band meshing their sound with The Mavericks on this duet. The gentle acoustics of "These Words" allows you concentrate on the song's strong message, before Sweet Lizzy Project finish their new album with Cuban rock of "Vuelta Atras" and the soaring, soulful ballad "December 31st." To find out more about Sweet Lizzy Project and their latest release "Technicolor," please visit

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Nirvana Goes "Live And Loud" On Vinyl Along With New 25th Anniversary "MTV Unplugged" Release

Last year, 2019, was an important year for the alternative rock/grunge band, Nirvana. Not only was it the 30th anniversary of their debut album "Bleach," but also the 25th anniversary of one of their best selling live albums "MTV Unplugged In New York." Plus, available for the first time on vinyl from UMe was the vinyl release of their 2013 concert video "Live And Loud." 

The "Live And Loud" concert event was supposed to feature Nirvana performing along with co-headliners Pearl Jam, but Pearl Jam had to back out of the show. This left Nirvana as the big draw that evening (along with Cypress Hill and The Breeders), as MTV filmed the show for broadcast. The film was kept in the vault until its release in September 2013 in honor of the 20th anniversary of the Nirvana album "In Utero," which the band was currently promoting at the time of the show with a world tour.

The full show was released as a double-vinyl set on August 30, 2019 and features one of the best live performances from the band. The energy was super high, as they were performing in their home state and due to the cancellation of Pearl Jam's appearance, Nirvana performed an extended set, covering their latest release extensively playing seven of the album's twelve tracks. The show also touched upon some rare gems like "Blew," "School" and "Endless Nameless." The sound on these LPs is amazing, as Kurt's vocals are strong and his guitar work is on point. You can hear Dave's background vocals clearly, among the steady rhythm of drums and bass from Kris. This show also features one of the first recorded performances of David Bowie's "The Man Who Sold The World," which would become associated with Nirvana forever because of their unplugged performance which was broadcast on MTV around the same time as the "Live And Loud" concert.

Speaking of Nirvana's "MTV Unplugged" appearance, UMe recently released a new double-vinyl set to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original release of this live album. What was originally released on vinyl as a single LP has now become two, with an extra side of bonus rehearsal songs that only originally appeared on the video release of the show.

The sound on these vinyl are simply stunning. Right off the bat, you can hear (and feel) the warmth of this release on the opening track "About A Girl." The acoustics are just perfect. You can easily decipher the cellos in songs like "Dumb," as Kurt's voice is noticeable filled with pleasure performing their cover of the Meat Puppets' songs "Plateau," "Oh Me" and "Lake of Fire." You will fully appreciate the dynamics of vinyl as you listen very intently to the softness of "Something In The Way" versus the raw, emotion of "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?" The five bonus rehearsal songs are a very nice addition, which showcases the dedication that Nirvana had put into this performance. The appearance of the rehearsal songs also proves that they plays one of their best shows of their entire career. To find out more about these two latest vinyl releases from Nirvana through UMe, please visit

Friday, January 24, 2020

Pixies Begin To Release Demos From "Beneath The Eyrie" Digitally

The alternative rock band, Pixies released their first album of new material in over three years, back in September 2019. The name of the album was "Beneath The Eyrie" and was produced by the Grammy-nominated Tom Dalgety (Ghost). The album was a top ten hit in the U.K. and Ireland, and the Pixies promoted the album by kicking off a world tour in Europe, which will continue this February with a 15-date tour of Japan, before heading over to China, New Zealand and Australia.

They also recently released a new three song digital EP titled "Beneath The Eyrie Demos: Pt. 1," which was recorded in December 2018 for their latest studio release. The songs on this EP originally appeared on the vinyl only deluxe edition of the album "Beneath The Eyrie," but are becoming available in pieces on all digital platforms.

We kick things off with a demo version of "The Good Works Of Cyrus," which is a raw, short energetic rocker, while the follow-up track "Please Don't Go" takes its time with it's mid-tempo pace and repetitive chorus. The new EP closes out with the guitar-driven frenzy of "Chapel Hill," which feels like its still in the early stages of a song that may need a few more lyrics. To find out more about the newly released "Beneath The Eyrie Demos: Pt. 1" and for a complete list of tour dates, please visit

Thursday, January 23, 2020

New Music From Punk Bands Chief Tail and Wasted Breath

Arriving just last week is the Reptilian Records debut release from punk noise makers, Chief Tail. Their new self-titled album was produced by the great Steve Albini (Nirvana) and features eight, hard-hitting tracks that come in quick and heavy then just leave, before you even know what happened. They kick off the album with the raw, reckless attack of "Stevie Dix II," followed by the equally aggressive "Migrant Worker." Chief Tail blast through the song "Easy Money" as fast as they can," while "Mighty Shitpipe" is the longest song on the album, clocking in at over four minutes of buzzing guitars and bashing rhythms. They close out their new release with the garage rock romp of "She's Got Legs, She's Got Eggs." To find out more about Chief Tail and their new self-titled album, please visit

Also released earlier this month is the self-titled, Blackhouse Records release from the rising punk band, Wasted Breath. Their new album features ten tracks, kicking off with the swift pace of "You Tell Me" and the more aggressive attack of "Nic Fit." The simple rawness of "Intoxicant" is the perfect setting for this trio's powerful sound, while "Front Line" has them showcasing more of their energetic sound that feels right at home spread across three minutes. The speedy bass line and drumming of "Pontiac" will certainly get your adrenaline pumping on this quick-hitting track, while "All The Way Home" displays more maturity in the band's songwriting. To find out more about Wasted Breath and their new self-titled release, please visit

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Friederike Krum Takes On Gershwin & 1201_Alarm Says "Hello_World" On Their Debut Album

Classically-trained singer Friederike Krum is preparing to release an album of Gershwin classics on February 7th. The new release titled "Somebody Loves Me" showcases Krum performing these timeless numbers, accompanied by musical director/pianist James Pearson. This new twelve-song album begins with the gentle, heart-warming flow of the title song "Somebody Loves Me," which shines a spotlight on Friederike's voice. She slows down the well-known "Summertime" in order to accentuate the lyrics, while "Do What You Do" has a little more bounce to the way she delivers the words to the song. Her angelic vocals are the perfect fit for the ballads "But Not For Me" and "Someone To Watch Over Me." She closes out her new album with the display of passion of her delivery of "Embraceable You." To find out more about Friederike Krum and her latest release "Somebody Loves Me," please visit

Arriving February 21st is the anticipated debut release from the U.K. "jazz-tronica" band, 1201_Alarm. The album is titled "Hello_World" and features twelve tracks, beginning with the two-minute instrumental "Prologue," which announces the arrival of this new wave of jazz music. The band begins to rock out a little more on the titled song "Hello_World," as the song's intensity grows with its marching rhythm. The song "Bubbles" has a futuristic, electronic infused sound surrounding the leading jazz horns. 1201_Alarm get funky with the groove of "Surely You're Joking," before going all out EDM with the beats "StuxNet." They finish off their new album with jazz fusion of "Skylife" and the smooth, classic jazz flow of "Cycles," which is also the album's first single. To find out more about 1201_Alarm and their upcoming debut album "Hello_World," please visit

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Find "Joy" In The Debut From Gentlemen's Academy & Discover How Ugly Runner Become The "Romanticizer"

Members of the bands Cactus and The Lizards have teamed up to create the "soft rock" group, Gentlemen's Academy. They recently released their debut album simply titled "Joy," as you will instantly fall in love with their classic seventies rock vibe. The band features seven world class musicians and vocalists that put some of their best work together on this album.

Their new eleven track release begins with floating melody of "What The Rain's For," as lead vocalist Randy Pratt (Cactus) puts your mind at ease on this easy moving track. The Gentlemen's Academy add a bit more guitar from Mike Marks and Patrick Klein (The Lizards) to give their sound a little more rock appeal. Then they pick the tempo up even more with the energy of "The Keepin' Kind." Next, the song "Paradise" displays the band's wonderful harmonies during the songs addictive, adult pop melody. Their "soft rock" sound shines on the burning, power ballad "When We Were Young," before closing out their new album with the emotional, poetic lyrics of "Crush" and the bluesy, more progressive feel of "Teetering." To find out more about Gentlemen's Academy and their latest release "Joy," please visit

Now, we pick the energy up with another debut release from the American alt-rock trio, Ugly Runner. Their new six-song EP titled "Romanticizer" brings together the band's early influences of The Stooges and The Pixies, with a dash of their own nostalgic sound. Kicking things off is the punk-like feel of "You Keep Me Up, before settling into the more mainstream, indie-rock flow of "How Lovely You Are." Their sound is pure and raw, with the attitude of what you hear is what you get, no unnecessary overdubs or re-takes, just pure rock energy, as displayed in "She Was Your Girl." Ugly Runner close out their new album with the quietly building, dark ballad "This Time Of Year" and the final punk-like fury of "Too Much TV." To find out more about Ugly Runner and their latest release "Romanticizer," please visit

Monday, January 20, 2020

Omnivore Recordings Plans CD Reissues Of Four Mister Rogers Albums

There has been a recent resurgence with the children's show "Mister Rogers Neighborhood," due to the release of the award-nominated film "A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood." Along with the television show, are also the songs that Mister Rogers (Fred Rogers) created as an extension of the show. A few months ago, Omnivore Recordings released the new compilation "It's Such A Good Feeling, The Best Of Mister Rogers" on CD and vinyl. To accompany this release, Omnivore Recordings also reissued digitally the four themed albums ("Bedtime," "You're Growing," "You Are Special" and "Coming And Going") that Fred Rogers recorded during his lifetime. Now for the first time (since their initial released in the mid-nineties) these four album will be released on a physical format on February 21st through Omnivore Recordings.

Each of the four albums revolves around a common theme, as the immortal voice of Fred Rogers sings these special songs to children and adults alike. Rogers is supported on these albums by his long-time collaborator and pianist Johnny Costa, bassist Carl McViker and percussionist Bobby Rawsthorne. Each of the the albums begin with classic, well-known opening number "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" and closes with the positive message of "It's Such A Good Feeling." You will certainly fall in love with the music of Mister Rogers all over again as each song fills your heart with love and your mind with memories.

The "Bedtime" album finds Fred singing the loving melodies of "Then Your Heart Is Full Of Love" and "Tree, Tree, Tree," while also talking to children comforting them on what might scare them at night. Fred's voice is always calming, as he radiates positive messages with every tale he tells. Not only does he sing these special songs, but also discusses and teaches us what the basic meaning of simple things mean, as many of us may have forgotten the true understanding of peace and individuality. It's something special with Fred's voice that makes you feel as if you are always learning in a loving, caring way. He even brings the "Neighborhood of Make-Believe" to you in the many character voices Fred portrays, like King Friday XIII and Daniel Striped Tiger.

You will come across many other classic songs, which are found on the other releases, like "Some People Are Good," "It's You I Like," "Be Brave, Be Strong" and "Look And Listen." With a combined sixty-songs, spread across these four discs, you will have no shortage of love and caring from Mister Rogers. Each album is like watching "Mister Rogers Neighborhood" with your ears, as these are a true extension of the show. To find out more about these new, upcoming releases from Mister Rogers, please visit

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Get The Full Rockabilly Feel Of "Chickaboom!" With New Music From Tami Neilson

Rockabilly/Roots artist Tami Neilson returns this February with a brand new studio album titled "Chickaboom!" Growing up, Tami was inspired by the music of Johnny Cash and Tanya Tucker, and uses that influence on her latest set of tracks that have that nostalgic country swing that perfectly fits her powerful vocals.

Tami kicks off her new ten track release with the bluesy shuffle of "Call Your Mama," before picking the tempo up with the classic country, clap-along rhythm of "Hey Bus Driver!" She adds a little swing into the poetic lyrics of "Queenie, Queenie," while "You Were Mine" allows Tami to draw you in with her amazingly strong, passionate vocals. She finishes her new album with the fun, upbeat, rockabilly delivery of "Tell Me That You Love Me" and the quiet, acoustic lulla-bye of "Sleep."

After a show on January 24th at The Folk Alliance Showcase in New Orleans, Tami will be heading off to Europe in March for a tour in support of her new album. For a complete list of dates and to find out more about Tami Neilson and her new release "Chickaboom!," please visit

Saturday, January 18, 2020

The Wood Brothers Invite You To Discover Their "Kingdom" Full Of New Music

Grammy-award nominees The Wood Brothers will be releasing their eighth studio effort "Kingdom In My Mind" on January 24th, through Honey Jar/Thirty Tigers. They are also following the release of their new album with a U.S. tour that runs through until April.

The Wood Brothers kick off their new eleven song release with the jazz-infused Americana groove of "Alabaster" and the more upbeat rhythm of "Little Bit Sweet," which also features some wonderful warming harmonies. The boys seems even more playful with the romantic lyrics and southern twang of "Jitterbug Love." The Wood Brothers also like to rock out, as displayed with the busy guitar work of "Don't Think About My Death," before showcasing their simpler, gentle-side with the acoustic folk strumming "The One I Love." The Americana/folk trio finish off their new album with the raw blues of "A Dream's A Dream" and the slow waltz of "Satisfied."

For a complete list of their upcoming shows and to find out more about The Wood Brothers and their latest release "Kingdom In My Mind," please visit

Friday, January 17, 2020

Nektar Show Us "The Other Side" Of Their Music With Their New Album

The U.K. progressive rock band, Nektar return with a new studio album titled "The Other Side." It is the band's fourteenth studio album and their first in six years. Some of the songs on this new release are over four decades old, but are appearing on a Nektar studio album for the first time.

The band kick things off with "I'm On Fire," which was originally a poem written by Derek "Mo" Moore to his soon-to-be wife back in 1978. The eight-minute musical piece is the perfect beginning to the album, with it's climbing melody to showcase the latest line-up of the band and how amazing they are together as a group. The song "Skywriter" was released as a single last November and got the excitement of new music building for fans. Nektar stretch out their musical journey with the nearly eighteen-minute rock suite of "Love Is / The Other Side," before the short, synthesizer-melody of "The Light Beyond." Nektar finish up their new album with the emotional ballad "Look Through Me" and the perfect prog-rock closer "Y Can't I Be More Like U" with its mix of time signatures and poetic lyrics.

Nektar are currently on the road in the U.S. with shows scheduled from now until the beginning of March. To find out more about the band and their new album "The Other Side," please visit

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Michael Doucet And His Band Look To Swing On Their Latest Release "Lacher Prise"

Arriving February 14th, is the new solo album from Grammy-award winner and BeauSoleil leader, Michael Doucet. His new album titled "Lacher Prise" is also the name of his backing band on this release, which features ten country-flavored, rockabilly tracks.

He begins with the swinging, uptempo, sing-along chorus of "Water, Water," followed by the swampy, rockabilly swagger of "Lula Lula Don't You Go To Bingo." He slows down for the dark, marching rhythm of "Walking On A Mardi Gras Day," while "Abandonne" is a graceful ballad that could have been recorded in either the France Riviera or Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Michael Doucet and his band close out "Lacher Prise" with the classic country stomp of "Marie Catin" and the instrumental storied spirit of the "Cajun Gypsy." To find out more about Michael Doucet and his latest release "Lacher Prise," please visit

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

New Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Releases Arriving From The Amity Affliction, Polaris and The Word Alive

Coming February 21st is the Pure Noise Records debut release from the heavy metal band, The Amity Affliction. Their new album titled "Everyone Loves You Once You Leave Them" is the band's seventh studio album overall and features eleven tracks of addictive, melodic, hardcore metal. The Amity Affliction begin with the grand build-up of "Coffin," before breaking down the walls with the hard-hitting aggressive attack of "All My Friends Are Dead." The band delivery a more melodic metal tone with "Soak Me In Bleach" and "All I Do Is Sink," before reaching the ballad "Aloneliness," which adds another dimension to the band's sound. The Amity Affliction pick the energy up again with the emotion-fueled "Born To Lose," before closing out their new album with the pounding rhythm of "Catatonia." To find out more about The Amity Affliction and their latest release "Everyone Loves You Once You Leave Them," please visit

Also arriving February 21st is the new album from the Australian, metalcore band Polaris. Their new album "The Death Of Me" features ten tracks that simply drill their way into your mind. The album kicks off with the aggressive growls of "Pray For Rain," as the band reintroduces you to their hard-hitting sound. They pick the energy up even more with the all-out attack of "Hypermania," before finding a more mainstream metal melody with "Masochist." The heavy pounding rhythm of "Vagabond" and the chugging guitar riffs of "Creatures Of Habit" showcase the power that Polaris deliver with their brand of music, while also supporting a melodic tone their hardcore metal sound. They wrap up their new album with the quick-hitting, punk-like fury of "All Of This Is Fleeting" and the final sonic blast of "The Descent." To find out more about Polaris and their latest release "The Death Of Me," please visit

After ten years and five albums, The Word Alive are ready to begin their next decade with a new album titled "Monomania," which will be released on February 21st through Fearless Records. The new twelve song album begins with the energetic, alternative, mainstream sound of the title-song "Monomania." Their music is the perfect soundtrack to this new decade with ready-made hit songs like "No Way Out" and "Greatest Almost." The Word Alive pick up the energy with the more intense, aggressive rock of "Thank You" and "Burning Your World Down." They close out their new album with the more melodic flow of "Comfort & Chaos" and the alt-pop feel of "Death Is Only The End If You Assume The Story," which explodes with passion. To find out more about The Word Alive and their latest release "Monomania," please visit

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Heavy Metal Cellist Quartet Apocalyptica Return With New Studio Album "Cell-0"

Symphonic metal band, Apocalyptica recently released their ninth studio album titled "Cell-0." It is the band's first full instrumental album in seventeen years and features nine tracks that have the musicians stretching out in order to "challenge themselves." Their new set begins with the album's first single "Ashes Of The Modern World," as the song continues to climb with intensity until the two-minute mark, in which a lone cellist brings a dark, eeriness to the song, before kicking down the doors of heavy metal. 

The progressive metal nature of their sound comes shining through on the nearly ten-minute, adventurous title song "Cell-0," while the song "Rise" carries a more graceful melody. Apocalyptica have the perfect recipe for classical thrash metal with "En Route To Mayhem," while "Catharsis" showcases their gentler, more symphonic approach to music. They wrap up their new album with the seven-minute sonic battle of "Beyond The Stars" that finds the perfect balance of both metal and classical music.

Apocaylptica is currently touring all across Europe, until they hit the U.S. in May for a spring tour. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about their new album "Cell-0," please visit

Monday, January 13, 2020

Singer/Songwriter Robert Vincent Creates A New Set Of Songs For "This Town"

U.K. artist Robert Vincent is preparing to release his third full-length album "In This Town You're Owned" on February 14th through Thirty Tigers. The album was produced by BRIT Award-winner Ethan Johns (Paul McCartney, Kings Of Leon) and explores the "commonality of the human experience."

He begins with the gentle folk strumming of "This Town," as Robert quickly finds his way to your musical heart with his soulful vocals. He quickens up the pace with the rockabilly swing of "My Neighbours Ghost" and the acoustic rock of "Conundrum," as his words begin to settle in your mind for further thought. He slows down for the nearly eight-minute blues of "Husk Of A Soul," before taking his songwriting talents a step further with the nine-minute acoustic folk tale of "The End Of The War." Robert Vincent closes out his new album with the up-lifting ballad "If You Were You" and the pop addiction of "Cuckoo." To find out more about Robert Vincent and his latest release "In This Town You're Owned," please visit

Sunday, January 12, 2020

New Vinyl Reissues Arriving Soon From Country Greats Roy Clark, Buck Owens & Susan Raye

Arriving January 17th from Craft Recordings are three new vinyl reissues that cover some of the biggest names in classic country music. This new set of releases include Roy Clark's "Greatest Hits," Susan Raye's "Greatest Hits" and "The Very Best Of Buck Owens & Susan Raye." These titles have never been released on vinyl and are sure to fill -up our country heart with these well-known hits.

Beginning with Roy Clark's "Greatest Hits," we get fourteen of his most well-known solo tracks that cover his 40-year career in the music industry. Clark may also be best known as the co-host of the very popular television show "Hee Haw" and a frequent co-host for Johnny Carson on "The Tonight Show." This set includes his first top ten hit "Tips Of My Fingers," as well as the sweet ballads "Yesterday When I Was Young" and "Come Live With Me." Roy Clark also knew how to have fun, performing "The Lawrence Welk-Hee Haw Counter-Revolution Polka," as well as showcasing his skill on the guitar with the instrumental version of "Riders In The Sky." Roy Clark also brought a gospel sound to country music with "Heart To Heart," before this compilation closes with the light-hearted "Think Summer."

During the early seventies, famed country singer Buck Owens teamed up with then up-and-coming female country singer Susan Raye for a handful of successful albums. Another new release is this vinyl reissue set features fourteen tracks from their collaborations, beginning with a couple of their biggest hits "We're Gonna Get Together" and "Togetherness." Her beautiful voice is the perfect match to Owens' classic country twang when they come together for "The Great White Horse" and "Your Tender Loving Care." The two hit gold once again with the swinging tempo of "Looking Back To See" and "The Gold Old Days (Are Here Again)."

Susan Raye also had a very successful solo career with twenty Top 40 country hits, as sixteen of them are featured on the new vinyl reissue of her "Greatest Hits" set. It begins with her rendition of Jackie DeShannon's "Put A Little Love In Your Heart, before delivering her crossover pop hit "L.A. International Airport" from 1971. One of her highest country charting singles was the upbeat delivery of "(I've Got A) Happy Heart," as she continues to keep the the mood light with "Love Sure Feels Good In My Heart." Her voice is simply magical on songs like "Stop The World (And Let Me Get Off)" and "When You Sure Can See It From Here." To find out more about these three new reissues of the greatest hits sets from Roy Clark (, Susan Raye ( and Buck Owens & Susan Raye (, please visit

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Omnivore Recordings Readies Bobby Hatfield's "Stay With Me" Album For Valentine's Day

Vocalist Bobby Hatfield (one half of The Rightous Brothers) found huge success in the sixties with the #1 single "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin," and it's successor "Unchained Melody." After leaving The Rightous Brothers in 1971, Hatfield wanted to try his hand at a solo career, releasing only one album ("Messin' In Muscle Shoals").

In 1971, Richard Perry was becoming one of the most successful record producers of the era, working on Barbra Streisand's "Stoney End" album and on Harry Nilsson's "Nilsson Schmilsson." Perry's next task was producing an album for Bobby Hatfield, which was never released except for a couple of singles, which failed to make a dent on the music charts.

Now, after sitting in the vault for almost five decades, comes the arrival of the long lost Bobby Hatfield album, "Stay With Me," which was produced by the great Richard Perry. It features thirteen tracks of mostly complete tracks recorded in the studio with an all-star cast that included Ringo Starr, Klaus Voormann and Al Kooper.

The set includes upbeat, R&B renditions of George Harrison's "What Is Life" and "Sour Milk Sea," along with a great energetic run through Marvin Gaye's "Baby Don't You Do It." You can appreciate Bobby Hatfield's timeless vocals on the ballad "In The Still Of The Night," while also diving into his soulful funk side with "Rock 'n' Roll Woman." This new set also includes the original singles of "Stay With Me" and "Oo Wee Baby, I Love You," as well as alternate takes of these two songs that catch the development of these and other tracks Hatfield recorded during his time in the studio.

This new, previously unreleased album from Bobby Hatfield will be available on February 14th through Omnivore Recordings. For more information on this release, please visit

Friday, January 10, 2020

New Heavy Metal Releases Arriving In February From Runescarred, Terrifiant and Torpedo

Arriving February 21st, is the full-length debut album from the Texas, progressive-metal band Runescarred. The new release titled "The Distant Infinite" looks to build upon the band's 2018 EP "We Are," with ten tracks of powerhouse metal. The acoustic introduction of "Hexit" quickly gets demolished by the band's aggressive metal force. The thunderous attack of "Inviting Rivers" and the classic, thrash metal appeal of "Minor Progressions" showcase the band's multi-dimensional musical talents for delivering a powerful mark on your eardrums. Runescarred give us their most progressive metal piece with the tempo changes of "Twisting Flesh," while "Sorrow Is" is a mystical ballad that is simply stunning. To find out more about Runescarred and their latest release "The Distant Infinite," please visit

Also arriving on the 21st is the self-titled debut album from the throwback, Belgian metal band, Terrifiant. Their new eight-song release begins with the guitar-driving, pounding rhythm of the opener "Steel For Life." Then, Terrifiant speeds things up with the quick-pace of "Devil In Transport" and the high-powered screams of "Bed Queen." Their classic thrash metal sound shines bright on hard-hitting "Metal And More," before they finish off their new album with the seven-minute aggressive metal monster "Iron Mountain" and a great, furious cover of Pat Benatar's "Heartbreaker." To find out more about Terrifiant and their new self-titled debut album, please visit

Gates of Hell Records will be reissuing the debut release of German thrash metal band, Torpedo on February 21st also. This six-song collection titled "Mechanic Tyrants" is raw and energetic, as they come right out, blasting through the opening track "Maniac." Their sound is heavily influenced by fellow European metal bands, like Motorhead and Saxon. The original release of this album was written, recorded and produced in the band's basement studio, but has now been remastered, while also keeping that thrash metal edge, as in "Mechanic Tyrants" and "Victim Of Desire." Torpedo finish up the album with the slow-building, six-minute "Idiocracy," which simply explodes with speed and intensity. To find out more about Torpedo and the new reissue of "Mechanic Tyrants," please visit

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Glenn Jones Helps You Get "Ready For The Good Times" With His New Solo Album

Well-traveled singer/songwriter Glenn Jones is preparing to release his third studio effort "Ready For The Good Times" on February 1st. Jones sings and plays bass for The Goodloves and the Peter Holsapple Combo, as well as being the full-time musical director of the Carrboro Music Festival, but has found time to record twelve new tracks for his latest release.

The album begins with the beautiful folk-style harmonies of "Ripples In The Pond," before adding a little tempo with some jazzy piano for the fun-loving lyrics of "My Baby Makes Pie." Glenn Jones duets with Rebecca Newton on the beautiful acoustic, country ballads "I Got A Voice" and "Lets Make Some Good Old Days." Glenn invites you into his heart with the emotional past of "A New Great Pyramid," before finishing his new album with the nostalgic, honky-tonk country romp of "No Fool Like An Old Fool" and the southern swagger of title-song "Ready For The Good Times." 

Glenn Jones will be performing at the Songwriters Festival at Santa Rosa Beach, FL between January 17-20, before heading out on the road in February, performing solo, as well as with the The Goodloves and the Peter Holsapple Combo. To find out more about Glenn Jones and his latest release "Ready For The Good Times," please visit

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Vance Gilbert Showcases Why He Is A "Good Good Man" With His Latest Release

Singer/songwriter Vance Gilbert is preparing to release his latest studio effort "Good Good Man" on January 24th. It features a dozen heart-warming tracks, beginning with the wonderful acoustic blues of "Pie & Whiskey," which feels like it belongs next to classic tracks by Jackson Browne and Randy Newman. He slows down for the graceful melody of "Good Good Man," before grabbing on to the shuffle groove of "Trust" and adding some sweet horns to give the song a jazzy vibe.

There may be nothing odder than the lyrics of "Zombie Pattycake," but if you don't have fun singing along, then you need to check your pulse. The country/folk, acoustic gold of "When I Cross Over" has that stripped down, classic, truthful feel that is lost in today's overproduced musical world. Vance Gilbert closes out his new album with the quiet, gentle acoustic blues of "Wildflower" and the poetic story of "The Day Before November." To find out more about Vance Gilbert and his latest release "Good Good Man," please visit