Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Dave Soldier Goes Global With "Zajal" & The Bonzo Squad Looks To Jam Into "Tomorrow"

A trip to Spain in 2004, inspired world-renowned jazz composer and instrumentalist Dave Soldier to create an album of music performed in the languages of Hebrew, Arabic, early Spanish (Romance) and Farsi. Soldier's new album titled "Zajal" features eleven tracks that certainly brings a worldly feel to his latest release, as only a master of ancient languages will understand the lyrics of each song. The music is what may have a timeless feel, as the Rumba rhythm of "The Spy" and the waltz of "Without Myself" may get you swinging your hips. Soldier gets one of his original compositions into the mix, as the Latin jazz flair of "The Stars Of Country Music Greet The Spring" feels like the bridge between some of these very early renditions of popular music and today's understanding of worldly music. To find out more about Dave Soldier and his latest release "Zajal," please visit davesoldier.com

Chicago jazz quartet, Bonzo Squad recently released their latest album "There's Always Tomorrow," back in December. It features only seven tracks, but packs a punch of infectious grooves and spaced-out, swinging jazz numbers that will instantly turn you into a fan. They begin with the quick, energetic jam of "83," before the funk of "Remedy" is exactly what the doctor ordered to wipe your blues away. I mean how can you not have fun with the dance groove of "Hungry Hungry Hippos," before the Bonzo Squad close out their new album with the lush, atmospheric jam of "iO" and the jazzy, Pink Floydian sounds of "There's Always Tomorrow." To find out more about Bonzo Squad and their latest release "There's Always Tomorrow," please visit bonzosquad.com

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