Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Find "Joy" In The Debut From Gentlemen's Academy & Discover How Ugly Runner Become The "Romanticizer"

Members of the bands Cactus and The Lizards have teamed up to create the "soft rock" group, Gentlemen's Academy. They recently released their debut album simply titled "Joy," as you will instantly fall in love with their classic seventies rock vibe. The band features seven world class musicians and vocalists that put some of their best work together on this album.

Their new eleven track release begins with floating melody of "What The Rain's For," as lead vocalist Randy Pratt (Cactus) puts your mind at ease on this easy moving track. The Gentlemen's Academy add a bit more guitar from Mike Marks and Patrick Klein (The Lizards) to give their sound a little more rock appeal. Then they pick the tempo up even more with the energy of "The Keepin' Kind." Next, the song "Paradise" displays the band's wonderful harmonies during the songs addictive, adult pop melody. Their "soft rock" sound shines on the burning, power ballad "When We Were Young," before closing out their new album with the emotional, poetic lyrics of "Crush" and the bluesy, more progressive feel of "Teetering." To find out more about Gentlemen's Academy and their latest release "Joy," please visit facebook.com/Hyperspace-Records.

Now, we pick the energy up with another debut release from the American alt-rock trio, Ugly Runner. Their new six-song EP titled "Romanticizer" brings together the band's early influences of The Stooges and The Pixies, with a dash of their own nostalgic sound. Kicking things off is the punk-like feel of "You Keep Me Up, before settling into the more mainstream, indie-rock flow of "How Lovely You Are." Their sound is pure and raw, with the attitude of what you hear is what you get, no unnecessary overdubs or re-takes, just pure rock energy, as displayed in "She Was Your Girl." Ugly Runner close out their new album with the quietly building, dark ballad "This Time Of Year" and the final punk-like fury of "Too Much TV." To find out more about Ugly Runner and their latest release "Romanticizer," please visit uglyrunnermusic.com.

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