Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Heavy Metal Cellist Quartet Apocalyptica Return With New Studio Album "Cell-0"

Symphonic metal band, Apocalyptica recently released their ninth studio album titled "Cell-0." It is the band's first full instrumental album in seventeen years and features nine tracks that have the musicians stretching out in order to "challenge themselves." Their new set begins with the album's first single "Ashes Of The Modern World," as the song continues to climb with intensity until the two-minute mark, in which a lone cellist brings a dark, eeriness to the song, before kicking down the doors of heavy metal. 

The progressive metal nature of their sound comes shining through on the nearly ten-minute, adventurous title song "Cell-0," while the song "Rise" carries a more graceful melody. Apocalyptica have the perfect recipe for classical thrash metal with "En Route To Mayhem," while "Catharsis" showcases their gentler, more symphonic approach to music. They wrap up their new album with the seven-minute sonic battle of "Beyond The Stars" that finds the perfect balance of both metal and classical music.

Apocaylptica is currently touring all across Europe, until they hit the U.S. in May for a spring tour. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about their new album "Cell-0," please visit apocalyptica.com

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