Friday, January 10, 2020

New Heavy Metal Releases Arriving In February From Runescarred, Terrifiant and Torpedo

Arriving February 21st, is the full-length debut album from the Texas, progressive-metal band Runescarred. The new release titled "The Distant Infinite" looks to build upon the band's 2018 EP "We Are," with ten tracks of powerhouse metal. The acoustic introduction of "Hexit" quickly gets demolished by the band's aggressive metal force. The thunderous attack of "Inviting Rivers" and the classic, thrash metal appeal of "Minor Progressions" showcase the band's multi-dimensional musical talents for delivering a powerful mark on your eardrums. Runescarred give us their most progressive metal piece with the tempo changes of "Twisting Flesh," while "Sorrow Is" is a mystical ballad that is simply stunning. To find out more about Runescarred and their latest release "The Distant Infinite," please visit

Also arriving on the 21st is the self-titled debut album from the throwback, Belgian metal band, Terrifiant. Their new eight-song release begins with the guitar-driving, pounding rhythm of the opener "Steel For Life." Then, Terrifiant speeds things up with the quick-pace of "Devil In Transport" and the high-powered screams of "Bed Queen." Their classic thrash metal sound shines bright on hard-hitting "Metal And More," before they finish off their new album with the seven-minute aggressive metal monster "Iron Mountain" and a great, furious cover of Pat Benatar's "Heartbreaker." To find out more about Terrifiant and their new self-titled debut album, please visit

Gates of Hell Records will be reissuing the debut release of German thrash metal band, Torpedo on February 21st also. This six-song collection titled "Mechanic Tyrants" is raw and energetic, as they come right out, blasting through the opening track "Maniac." Their sound is heavily influenced by fellow European metal bands, like Motorhead and Saxon. The original release of this album was written, recorded and produced in the band's basement studio, but has now been remastered, while also keeping that thrash metal edge, as in "Mechanic Tyrants" and "Victim Of Desire." Torpedo finish up the album with the slow-building, six-minute "Idiocracy," which simply explodes with speed and intensity. To find out more about Torpedo and the new reissue of "Mechanic Tyrants," please visit

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