Tuesday, January 28, 2020

New International Heavy Metal Releases From Wombbath and Tulus

Just over a month away comes the arrival of the fourth full-length album from Swedish death metal band, Wombbath. Their new release titled "Choirs Of The Fallen" features ten aggressive tracks that are created for one purpose, and that is to blow your mind (and eardrums). The album comes blasting out the gate with the intense rhythm of "Fallen," which simply hits you with its wall of sound that even becomes chaotic at times. Wombbath mix up the tempos of "Crawling From The Pits" to give their music more depth, while "We Shall Remain" displays some great metal guitar riffs. Their music becomes even more epic with the chanting lyrics of "Void" and the melodic breakdown during "Wings Of Horror," before finishing with the final three-minute, sonic attack of "In A Cloak Of Anger." To find out more about Wombbath and their latest release "Choirs Of The Fallen," please visit facebook.com/Wombbath.

Arriving on March 6th as well, is the latest studio effort from Norwegian black metal band, Tulus. This is the band's sixth album and features ten tracks that are ready to get your adrenaline pumping. The new album titled "Old Old Death" begins with a dark, eerie opening of "Hel" that quickly explodes with intensity. Tulus slow down the pace with "Jord," before delivering some classic metal riffs with "I Havet hos Ran," which is sung in the band's native language. Next, Tulus turns the energy to eleven with the high-powered attack of "Flukt" and then darken the metal path once more with the deep growls of "Grunn Grav." The trio wrap up their new album with the two-minute blast of "Villkjeft" and the doom metal feel of "In Memoriam." To find out more about Tulus and their latest release "Old Old Death," please visit facebook.com/TULUSband

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