Monday, January 27, 2020

New Metal Blade Records Releases From Black Metal Artists God Dethroned and Blaze Of Perdition

The premier Netherlands black metal band, God Dethroned are ready to unleash their new Metal Blade Records release "Illuminati" on February 7th. The new nine-song release continues to show the band's growth in songwriting since their return in 2017, after a seven-year absence. God Dethroned kick down the doors of heavy metal with the high-powered opening attack of the title-song "Illuminati," which grows with intensity and speed. The growling vocals of "Broken Halo" and the chugging guitar riffs of "Book Of Lies" give their sound a more mature black metal appeal, which in-return shows more depth in their songs. The band continue to write against religion, as displayed in the story of "Gabriel," before finishing their new album with the hard-hitting juggernaut "Blood Moon Eclipse," which feel like a calling to the black metal army. To find out more about God Dethroned and their latest release "Illuminati," please visit

Arriving the following week, on February 14th, is fifth full-length album from the Polish black metal band, Blaze Of Perdition. Their new release titled "The Harrowing Of Hearts" features seven tracks that showcase the band's Gothic rock influences as they "blaze" a trail of aggressive metal music through your mind. Blaze Of Perdition begin with the buzzing guitar frenzy of "Suffering Made Bliss," as the growling vocals and solid, intense drumming power the song's eight-minute length. They display a more melodic sound on "With Madman's Faith," while "Transmutation Of Sins" is an angry, raw attack, fueled by pure emotion. Blaze Of Perdition mix in tempo changes on the nine-minute, progressive metal journey of "The Great Seducer," before closing with the dark, eerie, straight-up heavy metal assault of "Moonchild," which may be the gateway for new fans to discover this premier Polish black metal band. To find out more about Blaze Of Perdition and their latest release "The Harrowing Of Hearts," please visit

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