Wednesday, January 29, 2020

New Music From Indie-Rock Newcomers Zooluxx and Trigger Cut

Indie-rock quartet, Zooluxx are ready to release their latest batch of new songs, which are teamed-up with their debut EP ("The Ghetto Starship") to create the album, "Just A Little Bit." The ten track release is broken up into two sections, beginning with the band's newest set songs. Zooluxx begin by taking you down south with the blaring, raw guitar blast of "Golden Gun Blues" and then rocking out with the Philly-soul sounding "Brown Boogie." They seem to get more experimental and funky with a pair of tracks "Just A Little Bit" and "Ghetto Starship," before wrapping up their new album with punk-like energy of "Green Lady" and live-sounding, sonic blast of "Different Planets." To find out more about Zooluxx and their latest release "Just A Little Bit," please visit

Fellow newcomers, Trigger Cut recently released their debut album "Buster," which features ten tracks that blur the lines between alternative rock, grunge, punk and heavy metal music. They kick off their new album with the raw, slightly chaotic romp of "Hellcat Bob," which carries an early nineties, underground indie-rock vibe. They follow that up with the sonic blast of "Blind" that finds Trigger Cut more concerned with sending an aggressive message, than finding a proper melody. You will find yourself absorbing the pounding rhythm of "Free Hugs," as Trigger Cut keep you guessing on what comes next. They pick up the intensity during the chorus of "Mute Driver," before finishing with the punk-like feel of "I Know She Knows" and the exciting romp of "Westworld." To find out more about Trigger Cut and their latest release "Buster," please visit

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