Monday, January 20, 2020

Omnivore Recordings Plans CD Reissues Of Four Mister Rogers Albums

There has been a recent resurgence with the children's show "Mister Rogers Neighborhood," due to the release of the award-nominated film "A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood." Along with the television show, are also the songs that Mister Rogers (Fred Rogers) created as an extension of the show. A few months ago, Omnivore Recordings released the new compilation "It's Such A Good Feeling, The Best Of Mister Rogers" on CD and vinyl. To accompany this release, Omnivore Recordings also reissued digitally the four themed albums ("Bedtime," "You're Growing," "You Are Special" and "Coming And Going") that Fred Rogers recorded during his lifetime. Now for the first time (since their initial released in the mid-nineties) these four album will be released on a physical format on February 21st through Omnivore Recordings.

Each of the four albums revolves around a common theme, as the immortal voice of Fred Rogers sings these special songs to children and adults alike. Rogers is supported on these albums by his long-time collaborator and pianist Johnny Costa, bassist Carl McViker and percussionist Bobby Rawsthorne. Each of the the albums begin with classic, well-known opening number "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" and closes with the positive message of "It's Such A Good Feeling." You will certainly fall in love with the music of Mister Rogers all over again as each song fills your heart with love and your mind with memories.

The "Bedtime" album finds Fred singing the loving melodies of "Then Your Heart Is Full Of Love" and "Tree, Tree, Tree," while also talking to children comforting them on what might scare them at night. Fred's voice is always calming, as he radiates positive messages with every tale he tells. Not only does he sing these special songs, but also discusses and teaches us what the basic meaning of simple things mean, as many of us may have forgotten the true understanding of peace and individuality. It's something special with Fred's voice that makes you feel as if you are always learning in a loving, caring way. He even brings the "Neighborhood of Make-Believe" to you in the many character voices Fred portrays, like King Friday XIII and Daniel Striped Tiger.

You will come across many other classic songs, which are found on the other releases, like "Some People Are Good," "It's You I Like," "Be Brave, Be Strong" and "Look And Listen." With a combined sixty-songs, spread across these four discs, you will have no shortage of love and caring from Mister Rogers. Each album is like watching "Mister Rogers Neighborhood" with your ears, as these are a true extension of the show. To find out more about these new, upcoming releases from Mister Rogers, please visit

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