Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Vance Gilbert Showcases Why He Is A "Good Good Man" With His Latest Release

Singer/songwriter Vance Gilbert is preparing to release his latest studio effort "Good Good Man" on January 24th. It features a dozen heart-warming tracks, beginning with the wonderful acoustic blues of "Pie & Whiskey," which feels like it belongs next to classic tracks by Jackson Browne and Randy Newman. He slows down for the graceful melody of "Good Good Man," before grabbing on to the shuffle groove of "Trust" and adding some sweet horns to give the song a jazzy vibe.

There may be nothing odder than the lyrics of "Zombie Pattycake," but if you don't have fun singing along, then you need to check your pulse. The country/folk, acoustic gold of "When I Cross Over" has that stripped down, classic, truthful feel that is lost in today's overproduced musical world. Vance Gilbert closes out his new album with the quiet, gentle acoustic blues of "Wildflower" and the poetic story of "The Day Before November." To find out more about Vance Gilbert and his latest release "Good Good Man," please visit


Anonymous said...

It's a fantastic new album! Thank you for the review!

Sam said...

Vance, as always, knows how to tell a story with song. With this cd, many stories are told. And told extremely well.