Saturday, February 29, 2020

The BMG Label Has You Seeing Music In "Colors" With A New Michel Petrucciani Compilation

French pianist Michel Petrucciani is considered by many to be one of the greatest jazz pianists of all time. His life ended way too early from a pulmonary infection shortly after his 36th birthday. He is now being celebrated with a new compilation of his compositions titled "Colors." This two CD, set features eighteen tracks taken from throughout his twenty year career.

The set starts off with the title song "Colors," as Petrucciani once stated that "I put color in every note." This seven minute, swinging jazz number starts you off on the right foot, diving right into the wonderful sounds of Michel's talents on the keys. The first disc continues with a solo live performance of "Looking Up," one of eight live songs on this release. This song features more of Michel's classical side, while his live version of "September Second" has more R&B appeal than jazz. The gentle flow of the nine-minute live version of "Home" will have you lost in a world of wonder and amazement, as Michel's piano leads you down the golden path.

The second disc starts off with the light-hearted, playful delivery of "Cantabile," recorded live at the Blue Note in Tokyo with his jazz trio of Steve Gadd on drums and Anthony Jackson on bass. The energy continues to flow through the up-tempo feel of "Little Peace In C For U," before slowing down to get lost in the emotions of "Trilogy In Blois." One of the most exciting tracks in this set is the high-energy delivery of "Charlie Brown," which was originally written with children in mind to enjoy it. After the beautiful classical piece "Petite Louise," the set closes with the amazingly hectic piano romp of "She Did It Again" and the exclusive track "Montelimer," which appears for the first time on a Michel Petrucciani album. To find out more about "Colors," the newly released compilation from Michel Petrucciani, please visit

Friday, February 28, 2020

Will Sexton Returns With The Sounds Of "Darkness" & Carla Olson Is Traveling Again With More "Harmony"

Texas-born guitarist Will Sexton will release his first new album in over a decade. The new release titled "Don't Walk The Darkness" will be available on March 6th, through Big Legal Mess Records. The ten new tracks are inspired by his recent dwellings in Memphis, as Sexton is backed by the Crescent City legends, The Iguanas. Will begins the new album with the bluesy, guitar-boogie shuffle of the title song "Don't Walk With Darkness (Through The Day)." You can hear a renewed sense of performing with the energetic southern rocker "Temptations Call," while "Witness" is a laid back country hymn that will remind you of his early days back in Texas. He returns to the blues of "Only Forever," as you can't help but fall in love with Will's songwriting. He always seems to find the perfect melody for every set of lyrics. He closes out his new album with the up-tempo, swinging rhythm, rockabilly feel of "What My Baby Don't Know" and the quieter, mild touch of "Fell In Straight View," which finishes the album off with a soothing lullabye. To find out more about Will Sexton and his latest release "Don't Walk The Darkness," please visit

Also arriving in March is the latest release from another Texas-born artist, Carla Olson. Here new album "Have Harmony, Will Travel 2" will be released on March 20th, through Sunset Blvd. Records. It is the sequel to her successful 2013 album "Have Harmony, Will Travel," which found Carla duetting with some star-powered artists like Juice Newton, Peter Case and John York. Her new album continues the tradition with eleven more tracks, beginning with the acoustic rocker "Timber, I'm Falling In Love," which features the wonderful work of Stephen McCarthy (Long Ryders). Next, Carla goes all out country on "A Child's Claim To Fame" with the help of Timothy B. Schmit (The Eagles) and then you find her vocals fit so perfectly alongside Peter Noone's (Herman's Hermits) on their cover of the Searchers' hit single "Goodbye My Love." Carla Olsen also knows out to rock, as she works alongside Ana Gazzola on the Stephen Stills' original "Uno Mundo." Terry Reid steps in for the quiet, acoustic ballad "Scarlet Ribbons," before Carla closes out her new album with a return to the country with the help of I See Hawks In L.A. for the sweet strumming of "Bossier City" and then the famous Gene Clark (The Byrds) performs one of his originals "Del Gato," which Carla adds the perfect vocal compliment to. To find out more about Carla Olson and her new release "Have Harmony, Will Travel 2," please visit

Thursday, February 27, 2020

The Alan Parsons Project Expand Their 1984 Album "Ammonia Avenue"

The British rock band, The Alan Parsons Project is the brainchild of musician/composer Eric Woolfson and producer/engineer Alan Parsons. The duo brought in a number of different musicians to help with their musical "project" and had major hits in the U.S. with songs like "Time," "Eye In The Sky" and "Don't Answer Me." The latter song appeared on the band's 1984 album "Ammonia Avenue," which went platinum in Canada and here is the U.S. To celebrate the album's 35th anniversary, Esoteric Recordings is releasing a new limited edition deluxe box set, which features 3 CDs and 1 Blu-ray disc.

The band found the perfect recipe for success in the eighties with their slick production and Steely Dan-type contemporary sound, drawing from many different musical genres. This new release of the "Ammonia Avenue" album has been newly remastered and remixed from the original master tapes by Parsons himself. The first disc features the original album sounding the best that it ever has, along with eight bonus tracks. The entire set includes 53 bonus tracks, some which have never been released. These eight consist of of the same tracks that were featured on the 2008 reissue of the album, including rough mixes, demos and orchestral overdubs.

Disc two is where fans will want to dive right in, it features 19 tracks of Eric Woolfson's "Songwriting Diaries." These songs showcase the early developments of songs like "One Good Reason," "Dancing On A Highwire" and "Ammonia Avenue." Each of these tracks have multiple runthroughs, while this disc also features ides of songs that did not make the album like the nearly seven-minute piano melody of "Don't Take Chances With Me," along with the short snippets of "Toby's Theme" and "Amelie's Theme."

Disc three features seventeen studio session tracks that allow the listener to dive even further into the development of the album. Even early demo recordings of "Prime Time" and "You Don't Believe" sound stunning, given the fact that these were never meant to be heard. The Blu-ray features the album presented in 5.1 surround sound, along with promotional videos for the singles "Don't Answer Me" and "Prime Time." This new remastered/remix of the album will also be released as a double 12" vinyl at 45 rpm, in order to get the full sound and appreciation of the music that The Allan Parsons Project created back 35 years ago. To find out more about this new deluxe edition release of the "Ammonia Avenue" album, please visit

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

New Metal Music Coming This March From Smoulder, Death The Leveller, Neorhythm and Caskets Open

Arriving March 13th from Cruz Del Sur Music is the new EP "Dream Quest Ends" from the Canadian metal band Smoulder. The band close out the first chapter of their career with a trio of new tracks and a few demo tracks from the release of the 2018 debut album "The Sword Woman." The new six song release begins with the epic sounding title song "Dream Quest Ends," which showcases the band's growth since their first album. Smoulder perform a nearly nine-minute cover of Manilla Road's "Cage Of Mirrors," which explodes with aggression and power, after the song's melodic opening. The three demo songs ("Sword Woman," "Voyage Of The Sun Chaser" and "The Queen Is Gone") are a welcome addition to this release. They display the band's early adventure into capturing a progressive metal sound, switching tempos, while also delivering a thunderous rhythm and strong vocals. To find out more about Smoulder and their latest release "Dream Quest Ends," please visit

Also arriving March 13th is the debut release from the Irish doom metal band, Death The Leveller. Their album "II" features only four tracks, but each one is an epic journey through the band's melodic metal sound. They begin with the steady, sluggish pace of "The Hunt Eternal," that highlights the importance of Denis Dowling's stellar vocals. Their sound gets darker on the twelve-plus minute build-up of "The Golden Bough," which quickens the pace of the song with each solo break. Death The Leveller finish up their new album with the guitar buzzing and steady pounding rhythm of "The Crossing." To find out more about the band and their latest release "II," please visit

The following week on March 20th features the arrival of the latest studio effort from the Russian metal duo, Neorhythm. Their new album "Terrastory" features eleven tracks that showcase the band's power and energy, with songs like "Photosynthesis And The Aftermath" and "Fight For Fire." Neorhythm's hardcore intensity is felt in the aggressive sound of "Zeus Rules" and "Sapere Aude," as their sound comes right at you with their howling vocals and thunderous rhythm. They wrap up their new album with the progressive metal appeal of "Information Age," which put the band's musical skills on display, along with the raw attack of the closer "Anticipations." To find out more about Neorhythm and their latest release "Terrastory," please visit

Another March 20th release features the new release from the Finnish doom metal trio, Caskets Open. Their new album titled "Concrete Realms Of Pain" features nine tracks that take their time, drilling their melody into your brain. The slow, steady pace of "Four Shrines," simply burns with the buzzing of guitars and passion fueled vocals. They quicken the pace with the punk-like fury of "Rising On A Rotting Horse," before slowly building up the melody of "White Animal" to the song's finally of aggression. Caskets Open finish their new album with the hardcore metal energy of "Blossom" and their final return to the doom metal, slow-moving rhythm of "Pale Hunter." To find out more about Caskets Open and their latest release "Concrete Realms Of Pain," please visit

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Finishing Off February With New Metal Blade Records Releases From Intronaut and Neaera

We look to close out February with a couple more new releases from the Metal Blade Records label. First up, is the new album from the Los Angeles metal band Intronaut titled "Fluid Existential Inversions." It features nine tracks that have been written and worked on over the course of the past five years since their last studio album "The Direction Of Last Things." Intronaut get the adrenaline pumping right away with the intense rhythm of "Cubism," which also showcases the band's progressive metal songwriting. They display a raw, passionate edginess to their sound during the aggressive nature of "The Cull," before exploring a more modern sonic soundscape with the mainstream hard rock appeal of "Speaking Of Orbs." Intronaut wrap up their new album with the high-energy, hardcore metal attack of "Check Your Misfortune," which lets up slightly during the song's break, before finishing with providing more of the band's progressive metal nature during "Sour Everythings." To find out more about Intronaut and their latest release "Fluid Existential Inversions," please visit

Also making their return after a five year hiatus is the German hardcore metal band Neaera with their new self-titled album. The new eleven-track release shows no signs that this band was ready to hang it up five years ago when they played a farewell show in December 2015. Their music is an attack on your eardrums, as they come blasting down the walls with the speed and force of "Catalyst" and the equally aggressive "False Shepherds." Every song is like a wave of hardcore metal that just keeps crashing down on you, as they continue to keep the energy turned up to extreme with "Rid The Earth Of The Human Virus" and "Lifeless." Neaera close out their new studio album with the buzzing guitars and quick drumming of "Torchbearer," along with the growling vocals of the closer "Deathless." To find out more about Neaera and their new self-titled release, please visit

Monday, February 24, 2020

Tim Skold & Nero Bellum Create "Not My God" & Gary Wilson Feels "Tormented" On New Album

Industrial hardcore rockers Tim Skold (Marilyn Manson) and Nero Bellum (Psyclon Nine) have teamed up for a new album titled "Not My God." It features thirteen tracks, beginning with the pulsating beats of "Fiction" and the crunchy tone of "Until The Pain Is Gone." The monotone vocals of "Murder Suicide" and the sonic soundwaves of "Equalizer" showcase the depths that Skold and Bellum are willing to stretch their musical boundaries. The intensity continues to build during the rage of "Birthright," along with the pounding rhythm of "First Blood," as the duo continue to excite you with their Industrial prowess. Tim Skold and Nero Bellum finish their new album with the dark love song to "Persephone" and the eerie, horror-movie vibe of "13." To find out more about this new collaboration between Tim Skold and Nero Bellum, please visit

Art rock icon Gary Wilson recently released his new studio album "Tormented" back on February 14th. It features sixteen tracks that will try and give you even further insight into the musical mind of Gary Wilson. After a short psychedelic introduction, Wilson becomes playful with the light-hearted melody of "Happy Birthday To My Girl." He gets a little bluesy (in an odd way) with "You Looked Cool In Outer Space," before lifting the mood and quickening the pace of "Midnight And You." The jazzy piano piece of "The Wind And The Trees" leads you down the path to the album's lead single "Gary Lives In The Twilight Zone," which becomes very addictive with its steady rhythm and repetitive chorus. Gary Wilson wraps up his new album with the funky beats of "Where Is Linda" and the story-telling of "A Sad Town." To find out more about Gary Wilson and his latest release "Tormented," please visit

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Check Out New Releases From Denise Mangiardi, The Calle Loiza Jazz Project and Al Gold

Singer/songwriter Denise Mangiardi recently released her brand new studio effort titled "Brown Book." It combines Denise's talent for arranging and composing classic pieces with jazz overtones. Her new ten track album begins with the swirling tones of "Soundscapes I" and the gentle touch of "The Exchange," which allows you to appreciate how special Denise's wonderful vocals are. A bluesy touch is added to the sweet melody of "Day Time Kind Of Girl," while the nearly eight-minute "Horn Song" carries a seductive Latin flair. Denise adds her own special touch to Thelonious Monk's "Ugly Beauty," by turning it into her own "My Beauty." She finishes her new album with the picture-painting lyrics of "Red Bouquet" and the closing classical piece "Soundscapes II." To find out more about Denise Mangiardi and her latest release "Brown Book," please visit

Also released earlier this month is the reunion of the Calle Loiza Jazz Project, which produced the new album "There Will Never Be Another You." It features eight jazz standards done with a bit of a Latin flair, beginning with the uptempo, swinging rhythm of Miles Davis' "Seven Steps Of Heaven." The well-known classic "Someday My Prince With Come" carries an island vibe all throughout its ten-plus minutes, while the beautiful ballad "Old Folks," simply floats on by with its wistful melody. The Calle Loize Jazz Project wrap up their new album with shaking, shuffle rhythm of Dave Brubeck's "In Your Own Sweet Way" and the Latin horns of the title song "There Will Never Be Another You." To find out more about the Celle Loiza Jazz Project and their latest release "There Will Never Be Another You," please visit

Arriving early next month is the new release "Al Gold's Paradise," which sounds like a step back in time to the Chicago blues that was being played in clubs located at the end of dark alleyways. New Jersey bluesman Al Gold assemble a dozen artists to help with his new ten track release, which was recorded over the course of only three days back in January 2019. Gold's new release begins with the steady swing of "That's My Baby," followed by the slow, backporch blues romp of "Paradise (Downhome)." Gold's deep vocals demand your attention on the shuffle rhythm of "Tramps Like Linden," while "Mr. Banker" will get you on your feet to cut rug with it's upbeat tempo. Early blues inspirations are all over the melody of "Got A Mind," before the burning emotion of "Won't Sleep Tonight" and the guitar-boogie of "Maplehood Limbo" close out the album on a high note. To find out more about Al Gold and his new, upcoming release "Al Gold's Paradise," please visit

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Singer Luke Haines Teams Up With R.E.M. Guitarist Peter Buck For New Album

The duo of Peter Buck (R.E.M.) and Luke Haines are preparing to release their new collaboration titled "Beat Poetry For Survivalists." They two came into each others graces on a chance meeting. Peter Buck, guitarist for R.E.M. bought a painting of Lou Reed from Luke Haines, who is not only an artist, but also had his own band, Auteurs. This exchange brought the two artists together in the studio to create ten tracks for their new album.

They kick off the new release with "Jack Parsons," which simmers with an alt-pop melody that allows Buck to slowly build up his guitar work, while Haines sports his style or reciting poetic lyrics. The slow moving "Apocalypse Beach," draws similarities to The Clash's "Death Is A Star," with its steady pace and monotone vocal delivery. The title song "Beat Poetry For The Survivalists" finds the duo moving beyond their boundaries, as Buck experiments more with his guitar sound and Haines adds more emotion to his vocals. The post-punk attitude of "Andy Warhol Was Not Kind" finally adds more passion and energy to album, along with the odd, but intriguing sound of "French Man Glam Gang." Peter Buck and Luke Haines wrap up their new album with the guitar driven pace of "Bobby's Wild Years" and the graceful, floating, melodic backdrop of "Rock 'N' Roll Ambulance." To find out more about this new collaboration between Peter Buck and Luke Haines, please visit

Friday, February 21, 2020

"That Little Ol' Band From Texas" Documentary Gives Us ZZ Top's Rise To Legendary Stardom

Arriving February 28th on DVD, Blu-ray and digitally from Eagle Rock Entertainment is the new ZZ Top documentary "That Little Ol' Band From Texas." This is the first time that the complete story of the band has been told by the members, Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard. The 90-minute film has some of everything in it like, classic live footage, guest interviews, tons of unpublished photos and to top it all off, a live jam session of the band performing many of their classic tunes.

The documentary, produced by the award-winning Banger Films, is broken up into different chapters of the band's career, beginning with the band's origins of how the three members came into each others graces. The film touches upon each of their early bands and highlights with Billy Gibbons' band, The Moving Sidewalks, opening for the late, great Jimi Hendrix.

The film comically touches upon one of ZZ Top's first shows, where there was only one member in the audience and they played a complete show and an encore for just one person. Then, the band jumped into an opening slot for The Rolling Stones, before finally headlining their own tour.

A year-long hiatus took ZZ Top's music in different directions, changing their pure blues-rock sound to a more modern, new wave rock approach to their music. Their time apart also produced the band's iconic look of two bearded front men, which has stuck with them to this day. Also, the discovery of MTV turned ZZ Top into a household name with their music videos, filled with cars, girls and undeniably catchy songs.

Throughout the documentary, there are appearances from Billy Bob Thorton, Steve Miller, Joshua Homme and many other producers and directors that have been influenced by the band or have had a hand in continuing the band's long road to success. The film only reaches the high point of the band's commercial success in the eighties, as they have continued to make more amazing music for the next three decades. 

The bonus performances are will you re-discover how seeped into the blues ZZ Top's music is. The two live jam sessions are where the band excel, as they just play music. No audience, just three guys who are the best at what they do. To find out more about the new ZZ Top documentary "That Little Ol' Band From Texas," please visit

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Check Out The New Experimental Sounds Of Deep Energy Orchestra and Funk Shui NYC

The musical ensemble Deep Energy Orchestra are preparing to release their second studio effort titled appropriately, "The Return." This group of Indian, progressive-rock and classical musicians have created nine new tracks, beginning with the four-part India influence of "Moksha." The first part "The Village" is based on traditional Indian fueled rhythmic sounds, which simply blast into the second part "The Battle," which explodes with excitement and sonic exploration. The third part "The Journey" is a dark, bass-led track that simply hums along with it's jazz-like drumming backdrop. The seven-plus minutes of part four "The Return" dives back into the band's Indian influence by bringing in a more progressive rock sound that keeps the music liberating. The worlds of classical music collide with the sonic rock landscape to delivery the adventurous journey of the "Call Of Kali," before the Deep Energy Orchestra head to the closing with the nine-minute experimental piece "Resolve," which works in the many different genres of music on this album. To find out more about Deep Energy Orchestra and their latest release "The Return," please visit

Released earlier this month is the debut release from the band Funk Shui NYC, another large ensemble that combines many different musical genres to find their common thread. Their new album titled "Shark NATO On A Plane" features five original compositions, along with five cover songs, done in such a way that may have you thinking twice about how many different ways music can be perceived. They begin with the title song "Shark NATO On A Plane" which has a pure jazz sound, with a bit of a funky rhythm added to be able to dance to it. Funk Shui NYC take on the "Barney Miller Theme" with their version "Where's Barney?," as they lock into a seven-minute jam that just oozes with coolness. Next, is the classic "Summertime," which gets injected with a Latin flair to give the song a pulse. The sweet sounds of "Professional Development" is a jam that you can't help but want to listen to over and over again. Funk Shui NYC finish up their new album with a trio of cover tunes, a psychedelic jazz trip to "Blue Jay Way" and the funky breaks of "I Feel Free," along with the flashback seventies vibe of "Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky." To find out more about Funk Shui NYC and their latest release "Shark NATO On A Plane," please visit

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

New Jazz Releases From The Coachella Valley Trio and RJ & The Assignment

What began as a regular Wednesday night gig, has turned into one of the coolest new jazz trios to come out of California. The Coachella Valley Trio consists of Doug McDonald on guitar, Larry Halloway on bass and Tim Pleasant on drums and they recently released their debut album "Mid Century Modern" back in January. It consists of eleven tracks (seven standards and four originals), beginning with the swift, up-tempo pace of "My Shining Hour," as the band add a bit swing to their step. The Coachella Valley Trio go a little more bluesy with the feel of "Lance Or Lot," while "Tram Jam" feels like a first take of a melody that comes together naturally. Their skills are in the spotlight on the wonderful rendition of "Give Me The Simple Life" and the lovely "Stranger In Paradise." The Coachella Valley Trio finish up their new album with the Latin sway of "Bossa Nueva" and the quick tempo of "The Way You Look Tonight." To find out more about Coachella Valley Trio and their latest release "Mid Century Modern," please visit

Keyboardist/composer RJ (Reginald Johnson) recently released his latest studio effort with his backing band, The Assignment. The new album titled "Hybrid Harmony" brings together the freedom of jazz with the soul of R&B, as they create a modern vibe of musical magic. The new ten track release begins with the wonderful vocals of Kaiton Johnson, before RJ steps in to flash his skills on the keyboard with a futuristic sounding solo. Next, they bring on a smashing jazz groove with "My Mean Ol' Aunt," before slowing down for the soulful ballads "Walk In Your Light" and "Prototype." RJ & The Assignment go more classic jazz with the gentle sway of "Autumn Steps," before delivering a stellar cover of the Tears For Fears hit "Everybody Wants To Rule The World." The band finish their latest album with the nearly seven-minute "Between Now And Never," which allows time for everyone to get in on the action, before closing with the nostalgic feel of "After Service." To find out more about RJ & The Assignment and their latest release "Hybrid Harmony," please visit

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Check Out New Hard Rock Music Releases Arriving From 14 North and The Outfit

Arriving February 21st, from Pavement Entertainment is the debut album "What Is The Feeling" from the hard rock band, 14 North. Their new ten track release combines the band's influences into a modern rock sound that punches you right in the face with their big guitar sound. 14 North kick things off with the thumping rhythm of "Break," which just explodes with aggression during the chorus. The guitars buzz along the dark lyrics of "Face Down," while "Trench" carries a raw, emotional blast of energy that delivers an exciting, nostalgic "grunge" like sound. Before 14 North take a step back from their hard-hitting attack to deliver the ready-made, modern rock radio gem "Bleeding," they deliver the steady modern rock buzz of album's lead single "Out Of Control." The band finish their new album with the intense sonic blast of "Now I Rise," along with the album closer "Hate Me," which simplifies their hard rock sound with this final delivery of aggression. To find out more about 14 North and their latest release "What Is The Feeling," please visit

Then, next month we get the new album from fellow hard rockers, The Outfit. Their new album "Viking" has been buzzing with excitement, following the early release of the singles "Viking" and their latest release, the opening track on the album "Come Alive," which just explodes with energy and excitement. The album continue with the raw, guitar driven "Midnight Moses," then the band quicken their pace for the intensity of "Carnival" which finds the perfect mixture of raw power and melody. The Outfit slow down for the burning, power ballad "Bleed In The Dark," before reaching the album's first single and the title track "Viking," which is an aggressive attack on your eardrums. They close out their new album with mainstream rock appeal of "Little Bit" and the chugging guitar riff of "Sitting Here Alone," which carries a touch of nostalgic flavor in the song's chorus. To find out more about The Outfit and their latest release "Viking," please visit

Monday, February 17, 2020

Annie Barbazza Debuts With "Vive" While Karney Gets "Better" With Her New EP

Italian music artist Annie Barbazza is releasing her debut solo album "Vive" at the end of the month. After being discovered by progressive rock legend Greg Lake, Barbazza is now prepared to step into the spotlight, with the help of some friends. The new thirteen-song release begins with her soaring vocals on "Ys," which also features some sonic guitar work from Daniel Lanois. She slowly makes her way through "June," before delivering the emotional ballad "From Too Much Love Of Living." Her voice continues to demand your attention, as in the atmospheric, floating tones of "Wrote Myself A Letter" and the duet of "How Beautiful You Are." The album quietly continues with the relaxing melody of "Tide," before finishing with Annie's stunning vocals on "Lotus Flower" and the acoustic folk appeal of "Boite a Tisanes," which features Greg Lake and Fred Firth. To find out more about Annie Barbazza and her latest release "Vive," please visit

San Francisco Bay Area songstress Anna Karney is preparing to release her new EP titled "Better." The band and Anna kick off the new album with the up-tempo title song "Better" that continues to grow with excitement, as the band gets more and more involved in the song. The music seems to get darker on "Trust," as Karney draw a political line in the sand. Next, they tackle Led Zeppelin's "Ramble On" with flying colors, adding passion and emotion to their performance of the song. The short, five-song album closes with the folk-rock appeal of "Round And Round." To find out more about Karney and their latest release "Better," please visit

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Watermelon Slim Shows Us Why He Is The "Traveling Man" With His New Live Release

American blues icon, Watermelon Slim is releasing a brand new live album on March 27th, titled "Traveling Man." It is a two-disc set that covers the best of two separate live shows from his 2016 tour. The seventeen tracks are made up of a dozen Slim originals and five cover songs. The live setting on these discs showcases Watermelon Slim at his most vulnerable with just an acoustic guitar, as he begins his show at The Blue Door in Oklahoma City, OK with the sweet slide guitar work of "Blue Freightliner." He gets that classic thumping lyrical delivery going for "Last Blues," before singing "300 Miles" with his perfectly aged vocal tone. Watermelon Slim closes out the first disc with a handful of covers, beginning with harmonica blowing "Jimmy Bell." He takes a step back for the storied lyrics of "61 Highway Blues" and the eleven-minute blues medley of "Smokestack Lightning" and "Two Trains Running."

Disc two features Watermelon Slim performing live at The Depot in Norman, OK back in 2016. He begins his seven-song set with the lively romp of "Let It Be In Memphis," as he wastes no time displaying his skills on the guitar. Watermelon Slim tells the traditional story of "John Henry" his own way and keeps the energy going with "Archetypal Blues." He closes out this disc with his passion for performing "The Devils Cadillac" and the politically charged "Dark Genius." To find out more about Watermelon Slim and his new live album "Traveling Man," please visit

Saturday, February 15, 2020

"Grandpa Metal" Never Gets Old With Brian Posehn & Don Jamieson Brings On The "Denim And Laughter"

Actor, comedian and heavy metal aficionado Brian Posehn just recently released a new music album titled "Grandpa Metal" through Megaforce Records. Posehn invited some friends, like Scott Ian (Anthax), Corey Taylor (Slipknot), Gary Holt (Slayer), Alex Skolnick and Chuck Billy (Testament) and the iconic "Weird Al" Yankovic to help on this new magical release. This album kick's off with a spoken word introduction, which set up the intense, heavy metal attack of "Satan's Kind Of A Dick," which mixes comedic lyrics with amazing music. The chugging metal guitar riffs and growling vocals of "One Quarter Viking, Three Quarters Pussy" keeps the adrenaline flowing, before smiling with joy at Posehn's evil cover of A-ha's "Take On Me," which finally gets a much welcomed heavy metal facelift. The title-song "Grandpa Metal" makes fun of enjoying the original heavy metal bands that paved the way for this genre to boom, while Scott Ian simply blows you away with his electrifying solo. We may have a new seasonal anthem for Halloween with the thunderous rhythm of "Monster Mosh," before closing with one of the most forgotten hit singles "The Fox (What Does The Fox Say)," turning it into a metal attack on your eardrums. To find out more about Brian Posehn and his latest release "Grandpa Metal," please visit

Stand-up comedian and former co-host of the highly successful VH1 Classic show "That Metal Show," Don Jamieson is preparing to release his new album "Denim And Laughter" from Metal Blade Records. The new release was recorded in Los Angeles back on October 19, 2019 and is paced by its fifteen tracks. Jamieson begins with drinking jokes and the longevity of Keith Richards, before quickly transitioning to Maroon 5's Super Bowl halftime show and making fun of "That Metal Show." It's great hearing stories of Don touring with the like of Zakk Wylde and Nashville Pussy and also how much fun it is at a Gwar show. The close of his show is when Don gets dirty, by discussing gorilla sex and women's breasts, before finishing with "Fake News." To find out more about Don Jamieson and his latest release "Denim And Laughter," please visit

Friday, February 14, 2020

Fall In Love With New Music From Gloria Reuben & Marty Ashby Along With The Sarah Elgeti Quartet

The duo of Gloria Reuben and Marty Ashby have just released their new collaboration titled "For All We Know." It features ten songs that cover the many highs and lows of a loving relationships. Gloria may be best known for her role on television as Jeanie Boulet on the hit show "ER." Gloria also sang back-up for the great Tina Turner, before releasing her first solo album in 2007. Marty Ashby is a well-known jazz music producer and guitarist, who has recorded over 2,000 live and studio recordings for the MCG Jazz label. 

The two artists examine the basis of each song with just a beautiful voice and single instrumentation. The album begins with the swinging, subtle groove of "I'll Close My Eyes," before slowing down for the emotional delivery of "A Time For Love." The melodies quietly find their way to your heart, as you listen intently to the careful steps of "For All We Know" and Gloria's vocals paint the perfect picture with the words of "The People That You Never Get To Love." They finish their new album with quietly asking the enduring question of "Where Do You Start? and the bright, light-hearted feel of "Sing My Heart." To find out more about this latest collaboration between Gloria Reuben and Marty Ashby, please visit

The multi-talented artist, Sarah Elgeti will be releasing her new album "Dawn Comes Quietly" on February 21st. It features the Sarah Elgeti Quartet, along with some friends performing the latest compositions from Elgeti, as the opening track "Magical Thinking," is a simple, graceful flow of music. Vocalist Sidsel Storm lends her talents to the seven-minute classical piece "Whereto?," as Sarah's flute work and the lovely clarinet of Soren Birkelund lay down the perfect backdrop. The emotions pick up with the swinging jazz appeal of "Changing Whispers," while Nils Raae's keys lead the way on "A Lot Of People - A Lot Of Sad Stories." The most up-tempo track on the album is "Crazy Destiny," which features stellar drum work from Henrik Holst Hansen. Sarah Elgeti and her quartet close out her new album with the quiet touch of "Snow," led by Sarah's sax work and also the beauty of the ballad "Tit er jeg glad," sung once again by Sidsel Storm in Sarah Elgeti's native Scandinavian language. To find out more about the Sarah Elgeti Quartet and their latest release "Dawn Comes Quietly," please visit

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Godsticks New Album Is "Inescapable" & Guitarist Nili Brosh Covers Her Full "Spectrum" Of Inspiration

U.K. progressive rock band Godsticks recently released their latest full studio effort titled "Inescapable." Their new nine-song album kicks off with chugging guitar riffs, that lead the way on the energetic opener "Denigrate." Godsticks' sound gets more melodic on the follow-up track "Victim," while "Relief" feels like an aggressive thrash metal attack. Next, they bring the tempo down for the slow-burning power ballad "Surrender," before taking you on the nearly ten minute adventure of "Change," which showcases the band's excellent musicianship. Godsticks finish their new album with the mainstream rock appeal of "Breathe" and the final sonic, hard rock blast of "Time." To find out more about Godsticks and their latest release "Inescapable," please visit

Israeli guitarist Nili Brosh recently released her third solo album "Spectrum" back in December. It features ten tracks that meld together the many different musical genres that have inspired Nili over the years. She begins with the Latin flair of "Cartegena," which keeps the pace moving quickly and continues right into the follow-up of "Andalusian Fantasy." Next, Nili ventures into the Gypsy-style waltz of "Circus Wedding," before delivering the progressive melody of "Solace." Next, we finally see Nili Brosh rock out on the intensity of "Retractable Intent" and "Desert Deja Vu," which showcases another side of her guitar skills. She closes out her new album with the high-powered, electrifying sounds of "Primal Feels" and orchestral metal appeal of "Resistance Piece." To find out more about Nili Brosh and her latest release "Spectrum," please visit

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Robert Hart's New Album Is "Pure" Rock, Along With New Music From Noam Weinstein and Bill Curreri

British rock vocalist and songwriter, Robert Hart is preparing to release his new solo album "Pure" on February 21st, through Escape Music. Hart has worked with Bad Company and is also currently the lead singer of Manfred Mann's Earth Band. His new solo album features a dozen tracks, beginning with the upbeat, progressive rock vibe of "Making Magic" and the contemporary pop style of "Little Miracle." Hart's singing and songwriting is stellar on the addictive feel of "Go Crazy," while "This Is The Night" has a certain nostalgic feel to it. The guitars come out blazing on the hard rock attack of "Double Trouble" and "Mysterious," before closing with the eighties electronic pop/rock delivery of "Colour Of Love." To find out more about Robert Hart's new album "Pure," please visit

Singer/songwriter Noam Weinstein is preparing the release of his new album "42 1/2" on February 28th. It is his first studio album in over four years and reflects on his aged wisdom of becoming a 43 year old. The fourteen-song release begins with the recollection of "Used To Be A Songwriter," which is about becoming responsible for someone else besides himself. He matches the words of "Work Up A Laugh" perfectly to the melody to give emotion to a song about making a joke and finding humor in today's serious world. Noam slows down for the graceful ballad "Jamie" and "Kiss Your Wounds," before picking the energy up with the fun, up-tempo melody of "The Queen." He finishes his new album with the shuffle rhythm of "I Can Feel You Now," which builds with excitement and energy, before closing with the Latin vibe of "Cola" (which mean "tail" in Spanish). To find out more about Noam Weinstein and his latest release "42 1/2," please visit

Fellow singer/songwriter Bill Curreri will be releasing his new album "Hard Road Home" on March 1st. It features nine tracks that feature Bill's "most artistically ambitious musical offering to date." The album begins with the title song "Hard Road Home," which carries an addictive chorus, as Bill's musical style on this release was  certainly influenced by the work of The Byrds, Bob Dylan and Jackson Browne. The ballad of "The Point Of No Return" allows you fully focus on Bill's amazing, thoughtful lyrics, as he only supplies what in necessary musically. The middle of the album is where we find Bill rocking out with the tracks "Heart Of Stone" and "Call My Name," before closing with the country-style swagger of "It Only To Be Me" and the nine-minute transitional piece "Love Gone Wrong/Walk With Me," which was inspired by his life's journey. To find out more about Bill Curreri and his latest release "Hard Road Home," please visit

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Check Out New Releases From Clint Lowery, Deacon Blue and Framing Hanley

On January 31st, Sevendust guitarist/vocalist Clint Lowery released his debut solo album "God Bless The Renegades." It's hard for Lowery to separate his solo work from his career with Sevendust, as his vocals are so distinct, but he adds a bit more soul and melody to this new batch of songs. The album kicks off with the titled track, "God Bless The Renegades," which has the perfect balance of energy and emotion that will certainly grab your attention. The guitar riffs are raw and rocking in "Kings" and Lowery's vocals are on point during the follow-up track "Alive," as he sings about his time on the road. The energy continues to flow through the exciting attack of "What's The Matter," before taking a step back for the more melodic, powerful delivery of "Allowed To Run." Clint Lowery closes his latest album with the song "She's Free," which is a message to his daughter to do whatever her heart desires, along with the positivity of "Do We Fear God," about becoming a better person. To find out more about Clint Lowery and his latest release "God Bless The Renegades," please visit

On March 6th, the Scottish rock band Deacon Blue will release their brand new studio album titled "City Of Love." This is the band's fourth release, since re-forming back in 2012. The band are also planning on touring Europe this fall. Their new eleven-song release begins with the title track, "City Love," which features the band's iconic style of creating addicting pop melodies. The thumping bass line of "Hit Me Where It Hurts," explodes with energy during the song's sing-along chorus. Deacon Blue quiet down for the emotional ballad "Weight Of The World" and the loving duet of "Intervals," before bringing back the energy with the blues/rock vibe of "Keeping My Faith Alive." They wrap up their new album with the strumming, country-style of "Come On In" and the poetic, storied lyrics of "On Love," as the music continues to build in the background. For a complete list of tour dates and to find out more about Deacon Blue's latest release "City Of Love," please visit

After a six year absence, the American rock band Framing Hanley return with a brand new studio album titled "ENVY." It will be released on February 21st, through Thermal Entertainment LLC and features a dozen tracks that show that this band has not lost a step since their last album. After a short, two-minute electronic introduction, Framing Hanley flex their modern rock muscle with "Bubbles" and "Forgiveness Is An Art." They deliver the perfect recipe to rejuvenate excitement in the band's new music with the songs "Puzzle Pieces," "Throwing Knives" and "Baggage Claim," which have all surpassed a combined 13 million streams on Spotify. Framing Hanley deliver the powerful, soulful pop/rock ballad "Carousel," before finishing with the electronic beats and emotional vocals of "Counterfeit." To find out more about Framing Hanley and their latest release "ENVY," please visit

Monday, February 10, 2020

Omnivore Recordings Reissues Dom Flemons "Prospect Hill" Album With EP & Unreleased Tracks

Grammy-award winning artist Dom Flemons is having his third solo album "Prospect Hill" reissues by Omnivore Recordings on February 28th. The new release titled "Prospect Hill: The American Songster Omnibus" features the original 14-track album on one disc, accompanied by a second disc which features his 2015 Record Store Day release "What Got Over" and 12 previously unreleased instrumental tracks titled "The Drum Major Instinct."

Dom Flemons was an original member of the highly successful folk trio, Carolina Chocolate Drops between 2005-2013, before leaving the band and releasing the album "Prospect Hill." Flemons is known for his unique style of bringing the classic, turn-of-the-century folk storytelling, mixed with blues and country rhythms, giving his sound a more modern feel.

If you haven't heard Flemons' "Prospect Hill" album, this is the perfect opportunity to dive right in. It showcases all of his many different sides, including the playful cover of "But They Got It Fixed Right On" and the deep, dark bluesy sound of the "Georgia Drumbeat." You will truly appreciate his songwriting on the gentle, acoustic strumming tale of "Too Long (I've Been Gone)" and the wonderful fun of "Hot Chicken" and on the finger-picking strings of "My Money Never Runs Out."

The vinyl-only release of his EP "What Got Over" will see its debut on CD (and digitally) with this set. It features nine tracks, which feel like an extension of the "Prospect Hill" album. The classic swinging string instrumentation of "Milwaukee Blues" is a contrast to the modern blues romp of "Clock On The Wall," which displays Dom's many different sides to his music. The EP also included a number of alternate versions of songs that appeared on the "Prospect Hill" album, like "Hot Chicken," "Have I Stayed Away Too Long?" and "'Til The Seas Run Dry."

The second half of the second disc feature a dozen previously unreleased tracks, which feel like rehearsals or experimental backing rhythms. Many of them are different drum tracks, some paired with flutes ("Grotto Beat") and some paired with acoustic guitar ("Georgia Drumbeat"). Some tracks also feel fully complete, like "Clock On The Wall," which actually may be more enjoyable without the vocals. The wonderful finger-picking of "The Grand Manifesto" and "Blue Butterfly" end the release on an ear-pleasing high note, which will only have you wanting more from Dom Flemons. He is currently on tour in the U.S. For a complete list of shows, please visit Dom's website To find out more about the new reissue of his album "Prospect Hill," please visit

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Eric Burdon & The Animals Want You To Remember "When I Was Young"

The English rock band, The Animals formed in 1964 and produced a handful of hits that included "House Of The Rising Sun," "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place" and "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood." Two short years later, the line-up went under numerous changes and in 1967, Eric Burdon & The Animals released their first single "When I Was Young." Esoteric Recordings collected all of the recordings that Eric Burdon & The Animals made for MGM Records between 1967-1968 and boxed them up for a new 5-disc release titled "When I Was Young: The MGM Recordings 1967-1968."

The 5 CD set includes each of Eric Burdon & The Animals original albums ("Winds Of Change," "The Twain Shall Meet," "Every One Of Us" and "Love Is") remastered from the original tapes with ten bonus tracks. The band definitely took on a more psychedelic feel on their album "Winds Of Change" with songs like "Poem By The Sea" and "Hotel Hell," but still knew how to rock, as in "Yes, I Am Experienced." Some of the bonus tracks on this first disc are the rare B-sides "A Girl Named Sandoz," "Ain't That So" and "Gratefully Dead."

Disc two covers "The Twain Shall Meet" album, which included one of the band's biggest singles "Sky Pilot," all seven minutes of it. The only few bonus tracks on this disc features the single version of their blues/rock anthem for "Monterey," without the sitar opening. Also included is part one and two of "Sky Pilot," which was split for a radio. The band stripped down their sound for the simpler sounding album "Every One Of Us," highlighted by the single "White Houses." The folk sounds of "The Immigrant Lad" and the epic closer "New York 1963-America 1968" are a only a couple of examples of how great these songs sound being remastered from the original tapes for the first time.

After only two years, Eric Burdon & The Animals would record their final album together, the double-album "Love Is." It featured everything that the band had to offer, from the rock and roll swagger of "River Deep, Mountain High," the psychedelic trip through "Coloured Rain," to the bluesy cover of "Ring Of Fire" and "As The Years Go Passing By." The set breaks up the final track on the "Love Is" album into the two separate tracks "Gemini" and "The Madman (Running Through The Fields)."

The fifth and final disc of this box set is the rare mono version of the Eric Burdon & The Animals album "Winds Of Change." Also included is an illustrated booklet with a new essay and replica poster. To find out more about the new Eric Burdon & The Animals box set "When I Was Young: The MGM Recordings 1967-1968," please visit