Monday, February 17, 2020

Annie Barbazza Debuts With "Vive" While Karney Gets "Better" With Her New EP

Italian music artist Annie Barbazza is releasing her debut solo album "Vive" at the end of the month. After being discovered by progressive rock legend Greg Lake, Barbazza is now prepared to step into the spotlight, with the help of some friends. The new thirteen-song release begins with her soaring vocals on "Ys," which also features some sonic guitar work from Daniel Lanois. She slowly makes her way through "June," before delivering the emotional ballad "From Too Much Love Of Living." Her voice continues to demand your attention, as in the atmospheric, floating tones of "Wrote Myself A Letter" and the duet of "How Beautiful You Are." The album quietly continues with the relaxing melody of "Tide," before finishing with Annie's stunning vocals on "Lotus Flower" and the acoustic folk appeal of "Boite a Tisanes," which features Greg Lake and Fred Firth. To find out more about Annie Barbazza and her latest release "Vive," please visit

San Francisco Bay Area songstress Anna Karney is preparing to release her new EP titled "Better." The band and Anna kick off the new album with the up-tempo title song "Better" that continues to grow with excitement, as the band gets more and more involved in the song. The music seems to get darker on "Trust," as Karney draw a political line in the sand. Next, they tackle Led Zeppelin's "Ramble On" with flying colors, adding passion and emotion to their performance of the song. The short, five-song album closes with the folk-rock appeal of "Round And Round." To find out more about Karney and their latest release "Better," please visit

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