Thursday, February 20, 2020

Check Out The New Experimental Sounds Of Deep Energy Orchestra and Funk Shui NYC

The musical ensemble Deep Energy Orchestra are preparing to release their second studio effort titled appropriately, "The Return." This group of Indian, progressive-rock and classical musicians have created nine new tracks, beginning with the four-part India influence of "Moksha." The first part "The Village" is based on traditional Indian fueled rhythmic sounds, which simply blast into the second part "The Battle," which explodes with excitement and sonic exploration. The third part "The Journey" is a dark, bass-led track that simply hums along with it's jazz-like drumming backdrop. The seven-plus minutes of part four "The Return" dives back into the band's Indian influence by bringing in a more progressive rock sound that keeps the music liberating. The worlds of classical music collide with the sonic rock landscape to delivery the adventurous journey of the "Call Of Kali," before the Deep Energy Orchestra head to the closing with the nine-minute experimental piece "Resolve," which works in the many different genres of music on this album. To find out more about Deep Energy Orchestra and their latest release "The Return," please visit

Released earlier this month is the debut release from the band Funk Shui NYC, another large ensemble that combines many different musical genres to find their common thread. Their new album titled "Shark NATO On A Plane" features five original compositions, along with five cover songs, done in such a way that may have you thinking twice about how many different ways music can be perceived. They begin with the title song "Shark NATO On A Plane" which has a pure jazz sound, with a bit of a funky rhythm added to be able to dance to it. Funk Shui NYC take on the "Barney Miller Theme" with their version "Where's Barney?," as they lock into a seven-minute jam that just oozes with coolness. Next, is the classic "Summertime," which gets injected with a Latin flair to give the song a pulse. The sweet sounds of "Professional Development" is a jam that you can't help but want to listen to over and over again. Funk Shui NYC finish up their new album with a trio of cover tunes, a psychedelic jazz trip to "Blue Jay Way" and the funky breaks of "I Feel Free," along with the flashback seventies vibe of "Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky." To find out more about Funk Shui NYC and their latest release "Shark NATO On A Plane," please visit

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