Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Check Out New Hard Rock Music Releases Arriving From 14 North and The Outfit

Arriving February 21st, from Pavement Entertainment is the debut album "What Is The Feeling" from the hard rock band, 14 North. Their new ten track release combines the band's influences into a modern rock sound that punches you right in the face with their big guitar sound. 14 North kick things off with the thumping rhythm of "Break," which just explodes with aggression during the chorus. The guitars buzz along the dark lyrics of "Face Down," while "Trench" carries a raw, emotional blast of energy that delivers an exciting, nostalgic "grunge" like sound. Before 14 North take a step back from their hard-hitting attack to deliver the ready-made, modern rock radio gem "Bleeding," they deliver the steady modern rock buzz of album's lead single "Out Of Control." The band finish their new album with the intense sonic blast of "Now I Rise," along with the album closer "Hate Me," which simplifies their hard rock sound with this final delivery of aggression. To find out more about 14 North and their latest release "What Is The Feeling," please visit facebook.com/14northband.

Then, next month we get the new album from fellow hard rockers, The Outfit. Their new album "Viking" has been buzzing with excitement, following the early release of the singles "Viking" and their latest release, the opening track on the album "Come Alive," which just explodes with energy and excitement. The album continue with the raw, guitar driven "Midnight Moses," then the band quicken their pace for the intensity of "Carnival" which finds the perfect mixture of raw power and melody. The Outfit slow down for the burning, power ballad "Bleed In The Dark," before reaching the album's first single and the title track "Viking," which is an aggressive attack on your eardrums. They close out their new album with mainstream rock appeal of "Little Bit" and the chugging guitar riff of "Sitting Here Alone," which carries a touch of nostalgic flavor in the song's chorus. To find out more about The Outfit and their latest release "Viking," please visit facebook.com/TheOutfitrock.

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