Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Check Out New Prog-Rock Music From Cross & Banks and Mangala Vallis

King Crimson member David Cross and original Yes guitarist Peter Banks teamed up one afternoon back in 2010 to record together. After sitting on the shelf for eight years, producer Tony Lowe, along with David Cross put the music together, with some special guests to create the new album "Crossover." It features eight tracks, beginning with the heavy jam of "Rock To A Hard Place" and the jazzy feel of "Upshift," which simply takes you on a sonic journey with its subtle changes and floating melody. The album continues with the experimental sounds of "The Work Within," as David Cross' violin work leads the way. Banks supports Cross' violin with some great guitar work of his own on "Missing Time," before these two legendary artists close out their new album with the progressive, adventurous jazz fusion of "Laughing Strange" and the odd, backwards sounds of the titled track "Crossover." To find out more about this latest collaboration between David Cross and Peter Banks, please visit

The Italian progressive rock group, Mangala Vallis are ready to release their new studio album "Voices" on February 8th. It features seven tracks, beginning with the modern vibe of "The Centre Of Life, as the song hits that hard rock vibe, while also maintaining the perfect balance of lyrics and music. The burning ballad "Get It While You Can" builds with intensity, while "The Voice Inside" comes right out with its energy and emotion. Mangala Vallis finish their new album with the tempo changes of "Demon," as the song carries a more classic sounding, seventies progressive rock feel, before closing with piano power ballad "Sour." To find out more about Mangala Vallis and their latest release "Voices," please visit

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