Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Check Out New Releases From Clint Lowery, Deacon Blue and Framing Hanley

On January 31st, Sevendust guitarist/vocalist Clint Lowery released his debut solo album "God Bless The Renegades." It's hard for Lowery to separate his solo work from his career with Sevendust, as his vocals are so distinct, but he adds a bit more soul and melody to this new batch of songs. The album kicks off with the titled track, "God Bless The Renegades," which has the perfect balance of energy and emotion that will certainly grab your attention. The guitar riffs are raw and rocking in "Kings" and Lowery's vocals are on point during the follow-up track "Alive," as he sings about his time on the road. The energy continues to flow through the exciting attack of "What's The Matter," before taking a step back for the more melodic, powerful delivery of "Allowed To Run." Clint Lowery closes his latest album with the song "She's Free," which is a message to his daughter to do whatever her heart desires, along with the positivity of "Do We Fear God," about becoming a better person. To find out more about Clint Lowery and his latest release "God Bless The Renegades," please visit clintlowery.net

On March 6th, the Scottish rock band Deacon Blue will release their brand new studio album titled "City Of Love." This is the band's fourth release, since re-forming back in 2012. The band are also planning on touring Europe this fall. Their new eleven-song release begins with the title track, "City Love," which features the band's iconic style of creating addicting pop melodies. The thumping bass line of "Hit Me Where It Hurts," explodes with energy during the song's sing-along chorus. Deacon Blue quiet down for the emotional ballad "Weight Of The World" and the loving duet of "Intervals," before bringing back the energy with the blues/rock vibe of "Keeping My Faith Alive." They wrap up their new album with the strumming, country-style of "Come On In" and the poetic, storied lyrics of "On Love," as the music continues to build in the background. For a complete list of tour dates and to find out more about Deacon Blue's latest release "City Of Love," please visit deaconblue.com

After a six year absence, the American rock band Framing Hanley return with a brand new studio album titled "ENVY." It will be released on February 21st, through Thermal Entertainment LLC and features a dozen tracks that show that this band has not lost a step since their last album. After a short, two-minute electronic introduction, Framing Hanley flex their modern rock muscle with "Bubbles" and "Forgiveness Is An Art." They deliver the perfect recipe to rejuvenate excitement in the band's new music with the songs "Puzzle Pieces," "Throwing Knives" and "Baggage Claim," which have all surpassed a combined 13 million streams on Spotify. Framing Hanley deliver the powerful, soulful pop/rock ballad "Carousel," before finishing with the electronic beats and emotional vocals of "Counterfeit." To find out more about Framing Hanley and their latest release "ENVY," please visit facebook.com/FramingHanley

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