Sunday, February 23, 2020

Check Out New Releases From Denise Mangiardi, The Calle Loiza Jazz Project and Al Gold

Singer/songwriter Denise Mangiardi recently released her brand new studio effort titled "Brown Book." It combines Denise's talent for arranging and composing classic pieces with jazz overtones. Her new ten track album begins with the swirling tones of "Soundscapes I" and the gentle touch of "The Exchange," which allows you to appreciate how special Denise's wonderful vocals are. A bluesy touch is added to the sweet melody of "Day Time Kind Of Girl," while the nearly eight-minute "Horn Song" carries a seductive Latin flair. Denise adds her own special touch to Thelonious Monk's "Ugly Beauty," by turning it into her own "My Beauty." She finishes her new album with the picture-painting lyrics of "Red Bouquet" and the closing classical piece "Soundscapes II." To find out more about Denise Mangiardi and her latest release "Brown Book," please visit

Also released earlier this month is the reunion of the Calle Loiza Jazz Project, which produced the new album "There Will Never Be Another You." It features eight jazz standards done with a bit of a Latin flair, beginning with the uptempo, swinging rhythm of Miles Davis' "Seven Steps Of Heaven." The well-known classic "Someday My Prince With Come" carries an island vibe all throughout its ten-plus minutes, while the beautiful ballad "Old Folks," simply floats on by with its wistful melody. The Calle Loize Jazz Project wrap up their new album with shaking, shuffle rhythm of Dave Brubeck's "In Your Own Sweet Way" and the Latin horns of the title song "There Will Never Be Another You." To find out more about the Celle Loiza Jazz Project and their latest release "There Will Never Be Another You," please visit

Arriving early next month is the new release "Al Gold's Paradise," which sounds like a step back in time to the Chicago blues that was being played in clubs located at the end of dark alleyways. New Jersey bluesman Al Gold assemble a dozen artists to help with his new ten track release, which was recorded over the course of only three days back in January 2019. Gold's new release begins with the steady swing of "That's My Baby," followed by the slow, backporch blues romp of "Paradise (Downhome)." Gold's deep vocals demand your attention on the shuffle rhythm of "Tramps Like Linden," while "Mr. Banker" will get you on your feet to cut rug with it's upbeat tempo. Early blues inspirations are all over the melody of "Got A Mind," before the burning emotion of "Won't Sleep Tonight" and the guitar-boogie of "Maplehood Limbo" close out the album on a high note. To find out more about Al Gold and his new, upcoming release "Al Gold's Paradise," please visit

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