Friday, February 14, 2020

Fall In Love With New Music From Gloria Reuben & Marty Ashby Along With The Sarah Elgeti Quartet

The duo of Gloria Reuben and Marty Ashby have just released their new collaboration titled "For All We Know." It features ten songs that cover the many highs and lows of a loving relationships. Gloria may be best known for her role on television as Jeanie Boulet on the hit show "ER." Gloria also sang back-up for the great Tina Turner, before releasing her first solo album in 2007. Marty Ashby is a well-known jazz music producer and guitarist, who has recorded over 2,000 live and studio recordings for the MCG Jazz label. 

The two artists examine the basis of each song with just a beautiful voice and single instrumentation. The album begins with the swinging, subtle groove of "I'll Close My Eyes," before slowing down for the emotional delivery of "A Time For Love." The melodies quietly find their way to your heart, as you listen intently to the careful steps of "For All We Know" and Gloria's vocals paint the perfect picture with the words of "The People That You Never Get To Love." They finish their new album with quietly asking the enduring question of "Where Do You Start? and the bright, light-hearted feel of "Sing My Heart." To find out more about this latest collaboration between Gloria Reuben and Marty Ashby, please visit

The multi-talented artist, Sarah Elgeti will be releasing her new album "Dawn Comes Quietly" on February 21st. It features the Sarah Elgeti Quartet, along with some friends performing the latest compositions from Elgeti, as the opening track "Magical Thinking," is a simple, graceful flow of music. Vocalist Sidsel Storm lends her talents to the seven-minute classical piece "Whereto?," as Sarah's flute work and the lovely clarinet of Soren Birkelund lay down the perfect backdrop. The emotions pick up with the swinging jazz appeal of "Changing Whispers," while Nils Raae's keys lead the way on "A Lot Of People - A Lot Of Sad Stories." The most up-tempo track on the album is "Crazy Destiny," which features stellar drum work from Henrik Holst Hansen. Sarah Elgeti and her quartet close out her new album with the quiet touch of "Snow," led by Sarah's sax work and also the beauty of the ballad "Tit er jeg glad," sung once again by Sidsel Storm in Sarah Elgeti's native Scandinavian language. To find out more about the Sarah Elgeti Quartet and their latest release "Dawn Comes Quietly," please visit

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