Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Finishing Off February With New Metal Blade Records Releases From Intronaut and Neaera

We look to close out February with a couple more new releases from the Metal Blade Records label. First up, is the new album from the Los Angeles metal band Intronaut titled "Fluid Existential Inversions." It features nine tracks that have been written and worked on over the course of the past five years since their last studio album "The Direction Of Last Things." Intronaut get the adrenaline pumping right away with the intense rhythm of "Cubism," which also showcases the band's progressive metal songwriting. They display a raw, passionate edginess to their sound during the aggressive nature of "The Cull," before exploring a more modern sonic soundscape with the mainstream hard rock appeal of "Speaking Of Orbs." Intronaut wrap up their new album with the high-energy, hardcore metal attack of "Check Your Misfortune," which lets up slightly during the song's break, before finishing with providing more of the band's progressive metal nature during "Sour Everythings." To find out more about Intronaut and their latest release "Fluid Existential Inversions," please visit facebook.com/Intronaut.

Also making their return after a five year hiatus is the German hardcore metal band Neaera with their new self-titled album. The new eleven-track release shows no signs that this band was ready to hang it up five years ago when they played a farewell show in December 2015. Their music is an attack on your eardrums, as they come blasting down the walls with the speed and force of "Catalyst" and the equally aggressive "False Shepherds." Every song is like a wave of hardcore metal that just keeps crashing down on you, as they continue to keep the energy turned up to extreme with "Rid The Earth Of The Human Virus" and "Lifeless." Neaera close out their new studio album with the buzzing guitars and quick drumming of "Torchbearer," along with the growling vocals of the closer "Deathless." To find out more about Neaera and their new self-titled release, please visit facebook.com/neaeraofficial.

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