Thursday, February 13, 2020

Godsticks New Album Is "Inescapable" & Guitarist Nili Brosh Covers Her Full "Spectrum" Of Inspiration

U.K. progressive rock band Godsticks recently released their latest full studio effort titled "Inescapable." Their new nine-song album kicks off with chugging guitar riffs, that lead the way on the energetic opener "Denigrate." Godsticks' sound gets more melodic on the follow-up track "Victim," while "Relief" feels like an aggressive thrash metal attack. Next, they bring the tempo down for the slow-burning power ballad "Surrender," before taking you on the nearly ten minute adventure of "Change," which showcases the band's excellent musicianship. Godsticks finish their new album with the mainstream rock appeal of "Breathe" and the final sonic, hard rock blast of "Time." To find out more about Godsticks and their latest release "Inescapable," please visit

Israeli guitarist Nili Brosh recently released her third solo album "Spectrum" back in December. It features ten tracks that meld together the many different musical genres that have inspired Nili over the years. She begins with the Latin flair of "Cartegena," which keeps the pace moving quickly and continues right into the follow-up of "Andalusian Fantasy." Next, Nili ventures into the Gypsy-style waltz of "Circus Wedding," before delivering the progressive melody of "Solace." Next, we finally see Nili Brosh rock out on the intensity of "Retractable Intent" and "Desert Deja Vu," which showcases another side of her guitar skills. She closes out her new album with the high-powered, electrifying sounds of "Primal Feels" and orchestral metal appeal of "Resistance Piece." To find out more about Nili Brosh and her latest release "Spectrum," please visit

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