Sunday, February 2, 2020

Neneh Cherry's "Raw Like Sushi" Gets The Deluxe Treatment For 30th Anniversary Release

When most people think of recording artist Neneh Cherry, they quickly associate her with the 1989 song "Buffalo Stance," which was a worldwide hit single around the world. Her career began seven years earlier with the protest song "Stop The War," but her life would change with the release of her debut album "Raw Like Sushi." To celebrate the 30th anniversary of that landmark album for Neneh Cherry, UMe in association with Virgin Records remastered the album for a new deluxe 3-CD or 3-LP vinyl deluxe set. Along with a new remastered version of the original album, are 19 remixes by artists Massive Attack, Arthur Baker, Smith N Mighty and more.

The first disc of this new release features the original "Raw Like Sushi" album remastered at London's Abbey Road studios. It sounds even better than I remember it thirty years ago. Cherry's voice is still the shining star in songs like "Manchild" and "Love Ghetto," while the beats of "The Next Generation" and "So Here I Come" will still give your speakers a workout. Included on the first disc is the demo version of her song "Heart" which gives you insight into Cherry's sound, before adding extra layers of beats and music to fill-out the sound.

The second disc of the set includes loads of remixes of her two singles "Buffalo Stance" and "Manchild," by giving the songs a alternate sound and feel. Five remixes of each song is included on this disc, displaying a different feel to each version of the song, by either focusing on the song's addictive dance beats or thick R&B bass groove. One of the highlights, is an old school mix of "Manchild," which carries that eighties hip-hop feel to the max. There is also a one-minute beats exercise of the song supplied by Massive Attack.

The other disc of remixes focuses on some of the lesser known tracks from the "Raw Like Sushi" album, like "Inner City Mamma," "Kisses On The Wind," "The Next Generation" and "Heart." The remixes add a little more Latin flair to the song "Kisses On The Wind," while "The Next Generation" displays Neneh Cherry's love of classic hip-hop. So relive the sound of Cherry's 1989 debut with this new remastered, beats filled deluxe edition of "Raw Like Sushi." To find out more, please visit

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