Wednesday, February 26, 2020

New Metal Music Coming This March From Smoulder, Death The Leveller, Neorhythm and Caskets Open

Arriving March 13th from Cruz Del Sur Music is the new EP "Dream Quest Ends" from the Canadian metal band Smoulder. The band close out the first chapter of their career with a trio of new tracks and a few demo tracks from the release of the 2018 debut album "The Sword Woman." The new six song release begins with the epic sounding title song "Dream Quest Ends," which showcases the band's growth since their first album. Smoulder perform a nearly nine-minute cover of Manilla Road's "Cage Of Mirrors," which explodes with aggression and power, after the song's melodic opening. The three demo songs ("Sword Woman," "Voyage Of The Sun Chaser" and "The Queen Is Gone") are a welcome addition to this release. They display the band's early adventure into capturing a progressive metal sound, switching tempos, while also delivering a thunderous rhythm and strong vocals. To find out more about Smoulder and their latest release "Dream Quest Ends," please visit

Also arriving March 13th is the debut release from the Irish doom metal band, Death The Leveller. Their album "II" features only four tracks, but each one is an epic journey through the band's melodic metal sound. They begin with the steady, sluggish pace of "The Hunt Eternal," that highlights the importance of Denis Dowling's stellar vocals. Their sound gets darker on the twelve-plus minute build-up of "The Golden Bough," which quickens the pace of the song with each solo break. Death The Leveller finish up their new album with the guitar buzzing and steady pounding rhythm of "The Crossing." To find out more about the band and their latest release "II," please visit

The following week on March 20th features the arrival of the latest studio effort from the Russian metal duo, Neorhythm. Their new album "Terrastory" features eleven tracks that showcase the band's power and energy, with songs like "Photosynthesis And The Aftermath" and "Fight For Fire." Neorhythm's hardcore intensity is felt in the aggressive sound of "Zeus Rules" and "Sapere Aude," as their sound comes right at you with their howling vocals and thunderous rhythm. They wrap up their new album with the progressive metal appeal of "Information Age," which put the band's musical skills on display, along with the raw attack of the closer "Anticipations." To find out more about Neorhythm and their latest release "Terrastory," please visit

Another March 20th release features the new release from the Finnish doom metal trio, Caskets Open. Their new album titled "Concrete Realms Of Pain" features nine tracks that take their time, drilling their melody into your brain. The slow, steady pace of "Four Shrines," simply burns with the buzzing of guitars and passion fueled vocals. They quicken the pace with the punk-like fury of "Rising On A Rotting Horse," before slowly building up the melody of "White Animal" to the song's finally of aggression. Caskets Open finish their new album with the hardcore metal energy of "Blossom" and their final return to the doom metal, slow-moving rhythm of "Pale Hunter." To find out more about Caskets Open and their latest release "Concrete Realms Of Pain," please visit

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