Thursday, February 6, 2020

New Moonjune Records Releases From Markus Reuter and The Nikolov-Ivanovic Undetect

German guitar virtuoso Markus Reuter is ready for a "Truce" with his latest release from Moonjune Records. His work is well-known around the instrumental, progressive rock community for his collaborations with Stick Men, Devin Townsend and The Crimson ProjekCt. Now on this release, Markus brings together a trio of musicians (Asaf Sirkis and Fabio Trentini) for his latest studio effort. The new seven-track set begins with the intense guitar wonderment of "The Truce," as Markus takes off with stellar skills on the instrument, allowing the rest of the band to fill-in the back end of this opening twelve-minute song. Markus flies gracefully along the soaring sound of "Swoonage," while "Bogeyman" works along a funky bass groove. The band explodes with energy on the thunderous delivery of "Power Series," before closing with the solo-filled adventure of "Gossamer Things." To find out more about Markus Reuter and his latest release "Truce," please visit

Another Moonjune Records release features the latest work from the jazz ensemble, Nikolov-Ivanovic Undetect. Their new album titled "Frame And Curiosity" features a guest appearance from flutist Magic Malik, as he makes his presence known right away in the beginning stages of the openings song "L'etranger." The band showcase their wonderful musicianship on the uplifting sounds of "Timbre and Prayer" and "Across The Threshold." Nikolov-Ivanovic Undetect adds a little more swing to the rhythm of "Carefree," as Magic Malik's flute work becomes the focus of the track. They wrap up their new eleven-track release with the gentle, flowing touch of "Far Away" and the solid build-up of "One More Day," which once again finds the band adding a bit more energy to their somber sound. To find out more about Nikolov-Ivanovic Undetect and their latest release "Frame And Curiosity," please visit

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