Saturday, February 8, 2020

Pixies Release Second Set Of Digital Demos & Jah Wobble Invites Friends To Help With His "British Coup"

The Pixies continued to release demos from their latest studio effort "Beneath The Eyrie." The demos were originally released as part of the deluxe, vinyl-only release of the album, but are slowly making their way onto the digital platform, a few at a time. The first set were released a couple weeks back (Review: and now the next batch of songs are available on all digital outlets. The songs "Caught In A Dream," "Mal De Mar" and "Hey Debussy" display a more classic Pixies sound. The thick bass groove and screeching guitar riffs of "Hey Debussy" are perfectly presented in this rawer form. The steady pace of "Caught In A Dream" has that potentially to become a classic Pixies song, while "Mal De Mer," seems to have the most pop influence spread across the song. To find out more about the Pixies and their latest studio album "Beneath The Eyrie," please visit

Back on January 31st, English bassist/composer Jah Wobble (Public Image Ltd.) gather together some friends to record the single "A Very British Coop," in honor of Britian's impending departure from the European Union. The contributors to the song read like a who's who of British post-punk, with names like Mark Stewart (The Pop Group), Richard Dudanski (The 101ers), Keith Levene (The Clash), Andrew Weatherall (Primal Scream) and Youth (Killing Joke). The newly released single is a modern punk-styled attack at the British government that uses the melody to give the words an addictive appeal. The song was originally a vinyl-only release in 2019, but quickly sold out. The new CD version features four versions of the song, including a slightly dub-step sound to one of the versions, provided by the brilliant production of Youth. To find out more about Jah Wobble, please visit

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