Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Robert Hart's New Album Is "Pure" Rock, Along With New Music From Noam Weinstein and Bill Curreri

British rock vocalist and songwriter, Robert Hart is preparing to release his new solo album "Pure" on February 21st, through Escape Music. Hart has worked with Bad Company and is also currently the lead singer of Manfred Mann's Earth Band. His new solo album features a dozen tracks, beginning with the upbeat, progressive rock vibe of "Making Magic" and the contemporary pop style of "Little Miracle." Hart's singing and songwriting is stellar on the addictive feel of "Go Crazy," while "This Is The Night" has a certain nostalgic feel to it. The guitars come out blazing on the hard rock attack of "Double Trouble" and "Mysterious," before closing with the eighties electronic pop/rock delivery of "Colour Of Love." To find out more about Robert Hart's new album "Pure," please visit

Singer/songwriter Noam Weinstein is preparing the release of his new album "42 1/2" on February 28th. It is his first studio album in over four years and reflects on his aged wisdom of becoming a 43 year old. The fourteen-song release begins with the recollection of "Used To Be A Songwriter," which is about becoming responsible for someone else besides himself. He matches the words of "Work Up A Laugh" perfectly to the melody to give emotion to a song about making a joke and finding humor in today's serious world. Noam slows down for the graceful ballad "Jamie" and "Kiss Your Wounds," before picking the energy up with the fun, up-tempo melody of "The Queen." He finishes his new album with the shuffle rhythm of "I Can Feel You Now," which builds with excitement and energy, before closing with the Latin vibe of "Cola" (which mean "tail" in Spanish). To find out more about Noam Weinstein and his latest release "42 1/2," please visit

Fellow singer/songwriter Bill Curreri will be releasing his new album "Hard Road Home" on March 1st. It features nine tracks that feature Bill's "most artistically ambitious musical offering to date." The album begins with the title song "Hard Road Home," which carries an addictive chorus, as Bill's musical style on this release was  certainly influenced by the work of The Byrds, Bob Dylan and Jackson Browne. The ballad of "The Point Of No Return" allows you fully focus on Bill's amazing, thoughtful lyrics, as he only supplies what in necessary musically. The middle of the album is where we find Bill rocking out with the tracks "Heart Of Stone" and "Call My Name," before closing with the country-style swagger of "It Only To Be Me" and the nine-minute transitional piece "Love Gone Wrong/Walk With Me," which was inspired by his life's journey. To find out more about Bill Curreri and his latest release "Hard Road Home," please visit

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