Saturday, February 22, 2020

Singer Luke Haines Teams Up With R.E.M. Guitarist Peter Buck For New Album

The duo of Peter Buck (R.E.M.) and Luke Haines are preparing to release their new collaboration titled "Beat Poetry For Survivalists." They two came into each others graces on a chance meeting. Peter Buck, guitarist for R.E.M. bought a painting of Lou Reed from Luke Haines, who is not only an artist, but also had his own band, Auteurs. This exchange brought the two artists together in the studio to create ten tracks for their new album.

They kick off the new release with "Jack Parsons," which simmers with an alt-pop melody that allows Buck to slowly build up his guitar work, while Haines sports his style or reciting poetic lyrics. The slow moving "Apocalypse Beach," draws similarities to The Clash's "Death Is A Star," with its steady pace and monotone vocal delivery. The title song "Beat Poetry For The Survivalists" finds the duo moving beyond their boundaries, as Buck experiments more with his guitar sound and Haines adds more emotion to his vocals. The post-punk attitude of "Andy Warhol Was Not Kind" finally adds more passion and energy to album, along with the odd, but intriguing sound of "French Man Glam Gang." Peter Buck and Luke Haines wrap up their new album with the guitar driven pace of "Bobby's Wild Years" and the graceful, floating, melodic backdrop of "Rock 'N' Roll Ambulance." To find out more about this new collaboration between Peter Buck and Luke Haines, please visit

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