Saturday, February 1, 2020

Supersuckers Return To "Play That Rock N' Roll"

American rock band, the Supersuckers are preparing to release their 13th studio effort titled "Play That Rock N' Roll." It is the band's fourth studio release on Acetate Records and was recorded over the course of only four days at Willie Nelson's Austin, TX studio. The band are following the release of their new album with a two-month European tour, before hitting the States this summer.

Their new eleven-track release takes a step toward their early punk rock days with the blaring energy of the opening track "Ain't Gonna Stop (Until I Stop It)," which feels like the anthem for this band that continue to excite their fans after 30 years. The Supersuckers were always ones to have fun with their songs, as displayed with the swagger of "Getting Into Each Other's Pants," before being taken over by the pounding rhythm of "You Ain't The Boss Of Me," which feels like pure raw, rock and roll emotion. Lead singer Eddie Spaghetti sounds a little like ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons on the country stomp of "Play That Rock-N-Roll," as they pay tribute to the early days of rock with this sing-along song. They speed things up with the swift kick of ass of "That's A Thing," before closing their new album with a couple of cover songs. First is the punk fury of Michael Monroe's "Dead, Jail Or Rock-N-Roll," followed by the swinging, electrifying sound of Allan Toussaint's "A Certain Girl." To find out more about the Supersuckers, their new album "Play That Rock N' Roll" or their upcoming tour dates, please visit

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