Saturday, February 29, 2020

The BMG Label Has You Seeing Music In "Colors" With A New Michel Petrucciani Compilation

French pianist Michel Petrucciani is considered by many to be one of the greatest jazz pianists of all time. His life ended way too early from a pulmonary infection shortly after his 36th birthday. He is now being celebrated with a new compilation of his compositions titled "Colors." This two CD, set features eighteen tracks taken from throughout his twenty year career.

The set starts off with the title song "Colors," as Petrucciani once stated that "I put color in every note." This seven minute, swinging jazz number starts you off on the right foot, diving right into the wonderful sounds of Michel's talents on the keys. The first disc continues with a solo live performance of "Looking Up," one of eight live songs on this release. This song features more of Michel's classical side, while his live version of "September Second" has more R&B appeal than jazz. The gentle flow of the nine-minute live version of "Home" will have you lost in a world of wonder and amazement, as Michel's piano leads you down the golden path.

The second disc starts off with the light-hearted, playful delivery of "Cantabile," recorded live at the Blue Note in Tokyo with his jazz trio of Steve Gadd on drums and Anthony Jackson on bass. The energy continues to flow through the up-tempo feel of "Little Peace In C For U," before slowing down to get lost in the emotions of "Trilogy In Blois." One of the most exciting tracks in this set is the high-energy delivery of "Charlie Brown," which was originally written with children in mind to enjoy it. After the beautiful classical piece "Petite Louise," the set closes with the amazingly hectic piano romp of "She Did It Again" and the exclusive track "Montelimer," which appears for the first time on a Michel Petrucciani album. To find out more about "Colors," the newly released compilation from Michel Petrucciani, please visit

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