Thursday, March 26, 2020

April Brings New Heavy Metal Releases From Khôra, Dark Forest, Traveler, The Wizr'd, Road Warrior & Solicitor

First up is the debut full-length release from the Swedish extreme metal band Khôra. Their new album titled "Timaeous" features eleven tracks that showcase depth to their music, since beginning as a one-man project by the band's mainman Oleg. After going all-out with the intense attack of "Noceo," Khôra gives us a more melodic metal tone to songs like "I'Annihilateur" and "De Vetus Ad Novum." The band's thunderous pace quicken during sections of "Roe Too Noo (Flow Of The Mind)," as the growling vocals keep pace. Khora close out their new album with the aggressive vocals and pounding rhythm of "The Purge" along with the dark, mystical feel of the much more serine "Void." To find out more about Khôra and their latest release "Timaeous," please visit

Next, is the return of British metalers Dark Forest with their first set of new material in over four years "Oak, Ash & Thorn." It tells of England's storied past along nine, extreme/progressive heavy metal tracks, beginning with the high-powered sonic blast of "Wayfarer's Eve." Their sound get more aggressive with the chugging of guitars during "The Midnight Folk" and continues to build with the dramatic, surging melody of "Avalon Rising." The album's highlight is the epic, twelve-minute journey of the title-song "Oak, Ash & Thorn," which showcases the band's stellar musicianship. Dark Forest finish their new album with the explosive, energetic attack of "The Woodlander" and the grand, epic sounding instrumental "Heart Of The Rose." To find out more about Dark Forest and their latest release "Oak, Ash & Thorn," please visit

Next, we get the new eight-song release titled "Termination Shock" from the Canadian metal band, Traveler. This is the band's second album in two years, as they keep the energy rocking with the opener "Shaded Mirror," which has that classic heavy metal appeal. Traveler quicken up the pace with the more intense pace of the title-song "Termination Shock" and will simply blow you away with the prog-metal build-up of "Diary Of A Maiden." They slow down the pace for the more melodic opening of "After The Future, which explodes with shredding guitars and pounding drums, before closing their album with the high-powered attack of "Terra Exodus." To find out more about Traveler and their latest release "Termination Shock," please visit

Australia's The Wizr'd returns with their fourth studio effort titled "Subterranean Exile." It features seven songs that remind you of the early days of heavy metal when bands sang about the occult to add an extra layer of fright to their music. The Wizr'd begin with the steady pace of the title song "Subterranean Exile," as you begin your journey to the dark side. The classic metal riffs of "Master Of The Night" and the praise of Lucifer during "Long Live The Dead" will certainly turn you into a fan and follower of the occult. The Wizr'd wrap up their new album with the energy of "Evil In My Heart" and the seven-minute doom metal pace of "Dark Fortress." To find out more about The Wizr'd and their latest release "Subterranean Exile," please visit

Also coming from Australia is the second album titled "Mach II" from the traditional heavy metal outfit Road Warrior." They kick off their new eight song release with the sonic blast of chugging guitars motoring through the opener "Tonight's The Nightmare," before taking the energy up another level with the high-powered attack of "Fox Devils Wild." Road Warrior deliver that classic metal sound with "Thunder n' Fighting," while "Wired" is an exciting, electrifying assault on your ears. Road Warrior finish their new album with the pounding rhythm of "The Diamond Forge" and the adventurous, guitar driven closer "Rest For The Wicked." To find out more about Road Warrior and their latest release "Mach II," please visit

Finally, we arrive at the upcoming April release from Solicitor titled "Spectral Devastation." It is the band's first full-length release and features eight high-powered blasts of aggressive power, beginning with the quick-hitting "Blood Revelations" and the neck-breaking attack of "Betrayer." Solicitor keep up the speed with the swift pace of "Leather Streets," which feels like an early thrash metal anthem. They continue to deliver a nostalgic tone to their heavy metal sound with "Night Vision," before wrapping up their new album with the energetic clash of "Spectres Of War" and the Judas Priest-sounding "Grip Of The Fist." To find out more about Solicitor and their latest release "Spectral Devastation," please visit

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