Sunday, March 22, 2020

Check Out New Jazz Great Releases From Vito Dieterle, Joel Forrester, Suzanna Ross and John DiMartino

Tenor saxophonist Vito Dieterle started the month of March off with two new releases, "Anemone" and "Status Sphere," with pianist Joel Forrester. Vito's "Anemone" is an album of swinging jazz covers (with one original track), beginning with gentle, ballroom waltz of "Dream Dancing," followed by the bebop infused energy of "You Said It." Vito and his band slink on by with the upbeat swing of "Minor Chant," before slowing down for the emotion-filled ballad "Lush Life." The band picks the energy back up once again with the bossa nova groove of Thelonious Monk's "Work," before finishing with the wildly exciting pace of "Just In Time" and the sweet sounds of the original ballad "Anemone."

Also released the same day (March 1st) is the new collaboration between Vito Dieterle and Joel Forrester. Their new album titled "Status Sphere" finds the two artists mixing together the work of Thelonious Monk with Joel Forrester originals. They begin the new twelve-song release with the their version of Monk's "Work." While its not as swinging as Vito's version with his band, it still has a jazz pulse that will certainly grab your attention. Joel allows Vito to lead the way on the original "Mock Time," while Joel takes control with his piano of the playful Monk original "Ruby My Dear." The duo keep the energy flowing through their version of "Let's Call This," before the lush ballad "About Francoise" will have you fall in love with their mellow jazz tone. Joel and Vito wrap up their new album with the bossa nova feel of "Don't Ask Me Now" and the slow waltz of "Crepuscle With Nellie." To find out more about these two releases from Vito Dieterle, please visit

Just last week we saw the arrival of singer Suzanna Ross with her debut album "Bewitched - Not Bothered, Not Bewildered." Her new fifteen-song release begins with the fun, playful, upbeat jazz swing of "Haven't We Met" and her version of the TV series theme song from "Bewitched." A little sultry, Latin flair is added to "Dreamer," while "Mr. Wonderful" is a loving, gentle ballad that allows Suzanna's vocals to soar. The energy picks up with the Rodgers and Hammerstein classic "My Favorite Things" and the French jazz standard "For Me, Formidable." Suzanna's version of "Over The Rainbow" is filled with emotion, as she pours all her feelings into her French/English performance of the song. She finishes her new album with the light-hearted pop touch of "There's A Kind Of Hush" and the quiet, uplifting ballad "Live For Life." To find out more about Suzanna Ross and her latest release "Bewitched - Not Bothered, Not Bewildered," please visit

Then next month we get the latest release titled "Passion Flower" from pianist John DiMartino. DiMartino and his all-star quartet cover the music of the great jazz composer Billy Strayhorn, who was a vital member of the Duke Ellington Orchestra. The new fourteen-song set begins with the upbeat, energetic romp of "Johnny Come Lately," which continues into the swinging rhythm of "Rain Check" and "Isfahan (Elf)." John DiMartino and his band play around with the time signature of "Daydream," as you are swept away by its willingness to not conform to standards. The title song "Passion Flower" carries a sweet, beautiful melody, along with the loving ballad "Blood Count." John closes his new album with his modernized version of the Ellington classic "Take The A Train" and the touching piano piece "Lotus Blossom." To find out more about John DiMartino and his latest release "Passion Flower," please visit

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