Sunday, March 15, 2020

Check Out New Music From Sass Jordan, Rory Block and David Clayton-Thomas

Former JUNO award winner Sass Jordan recently released her new studio album "Rebel Moon Blues" on March 13th. Sass and her band take on classic blues tracks from greats like Willie Dixon, Elmore James and Gary Moore and add their own special touch to the songs. Her raw, raspy vocals are the perfect pitch for the opening track "Leaving Trunk," which just burns with blazing guitars and harmonica solos. The band swing with the blues melody of "My Babe," while "Am I Wrong" has a country stomp rhythm that just won't quite. Sass Jordan slathers her sultry vocals on the classic "One Way Out," while "The Key" (an original song) has a modern touch of electricity that will get the heart pumping. Sass Jordan closes out her new album with the front-porch acoustic blues of "too Much Alcohol" and an emotional rendition of the late Gary Moore's masterpiece "Still Got The Blues." To find out more about Sass Jordan and her latest release "Rebel Moon Blues," please visit

Fellow female blues artist Rory Block is also preparing to release her latest album titled "Prove It To Me" on March 27th. It continues her series of paying respect to the ladies of blues who came before her. Rory's 2018 album "A Woman's Soul" was a tribute to the great Bessie Smith and this new album spreads the love to nine more deserving women in music. She starts off her new album off with a trip back to the roaring twenties to cover Helen Humes' "He May Be Your Man," in which Rory adds a bit more swagger on the guitar. The sweet southern blues of Madlyn Davis' "It's Red Hot" and the strong, assertive delivery of Gertrude "Ma" Rainey's "Prove It On Me" showcases the respect Rory has for these ladies, as she pours all her emotions into these songs. The one original track "Eagles" is especially personal, as she wrote from experience and felt the time was right to be vulnerable with her music. Rory Block finishes up her new album with the slow, steady acoustic blues of Memphis Minnie's "In My Girlish Days" and the quiet, emotion-drenched rendition of Elvie Thomas' "Motherless Child." To find out more about Rory Block and her latest release "Prove It To Me," please visit

Grammy-award winning artist David Clayton-Thomas is ready to release his new studio effort "Say Somethin'" on March 20th though Linus Records. His new ten track release of originals begins with the sweet, slow-moving blues of "Burwash," before switching gears to the truthful lyrics of the emotional ballad "The System." David sings to the former president on "Dear Mr. Obama" about social injustice, while next telling us about the problems of being "King Midas." He delivers a gentle, country sound to "This Town," before closing his new album with the politically charged energy of "The Circus" along with "A Bright Shinning City" and then pours his heart and soul into the piano ballad "God's Country." To find out more about David Clayton-Thomas and his latest release "Say Somethin'," please visit

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