Sunday, March 1, 2020

Craft Recordings Reissues A Couple Early Albums From The U.K. Band Embrace

This March features the 20th anniversary of the sophomore effort from the English rock band, Embrace. While the band has not made a big impact here in the U.S., they are a top ten act in their home country. Their debut album "The Good Will Out" has gone platinum and the albums "Drawn From Memory" and "If You've Never Been" continued the band's success. On March 20th, Craft Recordings will be reissuing those two albums on vinyl for the first time (since their original release). 

The band followed the footsteps laid down by nineties bands like The Verve, Oasis and Blur by creating very attractive, addictive melodies they have that timeless appeal. Embrace debuted onto the music scene in the late nineties with a trio of top ten singles, "All You Good, Good People," "Come Back To What You Know" and "My Weakness Is None Of Your Business," which made them one of the U.K.'s brightest young indie bands. They have also crafted beautiful ballads like "Drawn From Memory" and "Wonder" to showcase their stellar talent for writing songs that still sound as fresh and new as they did 20 years ago. The undeniable pop tones of song like "Hooligan," "You're Not Alone" and "I Hope You're Happy Now" will keep you wondering why Embrace has not made it as big here in the U.S. and they have in the U.K. This new trio of vinyl releases will remind fans of how solid a foundation Embrace has started off their careers on, as they continue to make great rock/pop music more than twenty years into their career. To find out more about the new vinyl releases of the Embrace albums "Drawn From Memory" and "If You've Never Been," please visit

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