Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Discover New Music From Violinist Darryl Way, Keyboardist David Sancious and Goth/Jazz Artist Bryson Cone

Rock violinist and composer Darryl Way (founding member of the English progressive rock band, Curved Air) recently released his new solo album "Destinations." It feature ten instrumental tracks that take you on an exotic trip to far off places with sounds from around the world. Darryl begins his new album with "Downtown LA," which moves at a swift pace and introduces Darryl in the lead guitarist role. Not to worry though, he jumps right back to his well-known instrument, the violin with the soaring soundscape of "Metropolis," as the rhythm keeps the song moving quickly. Darryl also includes a classic edge to the nostalgic, ambient flow of "The Stars" and "The Wild West," before picking the energy back up with the intense, hard rock flow of "The Restless City." Darryl Way closes out his new album with the bright, flowing sound of the Italian coastline with the wonderful guitar work of "Riviera Blue" and the elegant violin work of "Mystic Mountain." To find out more about Darryl Way and his latest release "Destinations," please visit darrylway.com.

Next, is the latest release from keyboardist David Sancious titled "Eyes Wide Open." David has worked along side a number of artists including Bruce Springsteen, Peter Gabriel, Sting and Eric Clapton. Now, David delivers his new eight-song set, which he describes as "the best work I've ever done." The album begins with the title song "Eyes Wide Open," which has a funky backdrop for David to let loose on his keyboards to explore different sounds on this opening upbeat, rock number. He ventures into jazz fusion territory on the follow-up track "In The Middle Of The Night" and then delivers the exciting adult pop contemporary groove of "If," which fully displays the songwriting talents of David Sancious. He finishes his new album with the ambient, modern jazz vibe of "The Treehouse" and the rhythm infused melody of "War In Heaven." To find out more about David Sancious and his latest release "Eyes Wide Open," please visit davidsancious.com.

Lastly we arrive at the full-length debut album from Pastel Gothic jazz artist Bryson Cone. His new album titled "Magnetism" features ten songs, beginning with addictive flow of "Devotion" and the equally exciting "Color Of Love," which makes you wonder where Cone has been hiding all this time. The album's lead single "The Mirage" delivers a darker tone to Cone's music, as he incorporates a more Gothic feel to his overall sound. The flowing jazz sound of "Basiphobia" is the perfect background for his lyrical style. Bryson Cone wraps up his new album with the slow-moving ballad "Nothing Is Real" and the nostalgic build-up of "Black Sand." To find out more about Bryson Cone and his latest release "Magnetism," please visit brysoncone.bandcamp.com.

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