Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Discover Some New Tunes From Indie-Artists Mike Mattison, Ian Jones and Peppino D'Agostino

Singer/songwriter Mike Mattison is taking a step away from his full-time gig as a member of the Tedeschi Trucks Band to release his new solo album "Afterglow" on March 20th. It features ten tracks, beginning with the story of "Charlie Idaho," which carries an Americana melody, before Mike goes all out country with the up-tempo twang of the title-song "Afterglow." He gets the blues flowing with "Word's Comin' Down," which also has a classic Grateful Dead feel to it. All of his inspirations come together for the feel-good, pop tone of "Kiss You Where You Live," while "On Ponchartrain" has a swampy, southern groove that will certainly hook you in. Mike Mattison wraps up his new album with the quiet, Prince-like R&B ballad "I Really Miss You" and the nostalgic, country swagger of "I Got Something For You." To find out more about Mike Mattison and his latest release "Afterglow," please visit

Seattle artist Ian Jones is ready to release his new studio album "Results Not Typical" this month. The album was produced by Jesse Sienbenburg (Supertramp, A Star Is Born) and features eleven tracks that are broken up into side one and side two. Ian kicks off his new release with the soothing, country-folk vibe of "Rollin" and the slow-moving, laid back feel of "You Can't." He picks the tempo up with the southern, country swagger of "Lost Highway," before finishing the first side of his new album with the gentle, emotional ballad "She Is Lost."

Side two begins with the acoustic blues of "Again," then picks the energy up again with the New Orleans-flavor of "Without You I'm Lost." Ian Jones finishes his new album with classic country sound of "Have Mercy" and the touching, soul-searching lyrics of "Goodbyes Are The Hardest Words." To find out more about Ian Jones and his latest release "Results Not Typical," please visit

Arriving April 3rd is the new album "Connecxion" from classical guitarist extraordinaire Peppino D'Agostino. This set of ten brand new original compositions will turn you into an instant fan of Peppino's music. The graceful way his plucks the strings during the opener "High Plains Guitarra" tells a story through the song's melody. His touch becomes more gentle and stirring in "Dancing With Shadows," while "Head Case" contains quick jabs with the guitar that almost feel like an exercise for your fingers. The sonic landscape of "Mara's Sleeping Song" paints the perfectly picture in your mind with the guitar tones becoming the palette. After the up-tempo strumming of "Liam's Song," Peppino D'Agostino finishes his new album with the sad, sorrowful feel of "Jenny's Goodbyes" and the short, simple, but touching finale of "Beauty In The Abyss." To find out more about Peppino D'Agostino and his latest release "Connecxion," please visit

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