Thursday, March 5, 2020

Get Excited With New Music From The Coffin Daggers, Svetlanas and Silent Agreement

The legendary surf/punk band The Coffin Daggers found the inspiration for their latest release, the "Eleki Album" from the Far East. The band have taken songs from the Japanese '60s guitar rock phase and put their own special spin on them. The new fourteen track release begins with the surf guitar rock of "Black Sand Beach," which is less about melody and more about energy, as the band quickly motors through the song. The Coffin Daggers delivery a more melodic tone to the "James Bond" feel of "That Sweet Girl," while "Flowers In The Rain" is two-minutes of punk fury that will certainly grab your attention. They have brought the sound of many of these classic Japanese musicians to the modern day with the quick pace of "Chidori No Kyoku" and the sonic guitar wizardry of "Namida No Jujiro." The Coffin Daggers wrap up their latest album with the slower, swaying rhythms of "Yume Wa Yoru Hiraku" and "Kojo No Tsuki," which may lead you to discover the originals and how great these artists were. To find out more about The Coffin Daggers and their latest release the "Eleki Album," please visit

Arriving in early March is the new full-length album from the hardcore punk band, Svetlanas. Their new release titled "Disco Sucks" features ten tracks that get the adrenaline flowing right off the bat with the aggressive attack of "Jump." While most of the members of the band have a Russian background, the one American, Nick Oliveria (Queens Of The Stone Age) brings his guitar expertise to the Svetlanas underground punk sound. They speed up their music with the quick, two-minute blasts of "All I See Is Red" and "Spit On Your Mother's Face." Nick throws in some nice guitar work on "Karma Soldier," while singer Olga rallies the troops with the song's shout-along chorus. Svetlanas close out their new album with the high-powered attack of "Tear It Down" and the sonic rage of "Never Sleep Again." To find out more about the Svetlanas and their latest release "Disco Sucks," please visit

Finally, from Germany comes the new three song EP from hard rockers Silent Agreement. Their new release titled "From The Amusement Park" comes bashing down your door with the pounding rhythm and shredding guitars of "Solid." The band pick the tempo up with the chugging metal riffs of "Dream World," before closing out their new short release with the raw, head-banging attack of "Judas," which only leaves you wanting more for this rising hard rock band. To find out even more from Silent Agreement and their latest release "From The Amusement Park," please visit

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