Sunday, March 29, 2020

Joni Mitchell's "Shine" Album Gets New Vinyl Release Through Craft Recordings

Arriving April 3rd from Craft Recordings is the vinyl debut of Joni Mitchell's critically acclaimed 2007 album "Shine." Joni Mitchell may be best known for her popular songs "Big Yellow Taxi," "Woodstock" and "Coyote," along with her best-selling album "Blue." Her more recent album "Shine" was a return to music, after nearly a decade away. Mitchell was inspired by the Iraq war to write original compositions once again and critics have compared this album to some of her early work that focused on political and environmental issues.

The album kicked off with the mellow piano piece "On Week Last Summer," which ended up winning a Grammy award for Mitchell for "Best Pop Instrumental Performance." The beautiful acoustics of "This Place" and her updated version of "Big Yellow Taxi" have a warming feel on this new vinyl release, along with the lush ballad "If I Had A Heart." The beats of "Hana" will certainly give your speakers a workout along with the jazz groove of the album closer "If." As Mitchell's musical influences where coming from every angle, this new vinyl version will remind you of just how great she was at capturing all those amazing emotions into this one album. To find out more about this new vinyl release of Joni Mitchell's album "Shine," please visit .

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