Thursday, March 19, 2020

Liar Finally Releases Lost Album From 1978 & Compass Gives Insight To "Our Time On Earth"

U.K. band, Liar will finally have their unreleased 1978 album see the light of day. On March 20th, Escape Music Ltd., will release the long lost Liar album titled "Sunset Plaza Drive." Liar formed in 1975 and released two studio albums in two years and toured alongside bands like Slade, Styx and UFO. For their third album, Liar was flown to Los Angeles to record at Stevie Wonder's Crystal Studios. After contract negotiations broke down between the band's management and record labels, the album was eventually shelved and the group disbanded. Now, 42 years later we get to hear this unreleased gem, along with one brand new track that Liar recorded when they regrouped last year.

The eleven-song release begins with the band's energy on overdrive during "Judy Teens," as they seemed to have their finger on the pulse of mainstream hard rock music in the seventies. The band's wonderful harmonies are spread all throughout "Delaney," while "You Ain't No Fighting Man" finds the perfect balance of hard rock groove and burning power ballad. Liar gets into the blues on the slow, sway of "I Got A Feeling," before picking the energy back up with the solid rock rhythm of "Too Rich" and their raw, powerful cover of The Kinks' "Tired Of Waiting." Liar close out the new release of their "Sunset Plaza Drive" album with the new recording of the song "Woman," which still finds the band firing on all cylinders and fits perfectly along side their classic rock sound. To find out more about this new release, please visit

Another new release arriving from Escape Music Ltd., is the debut effot from Compass. The new album titled "Our Time On Earth" features eight tracks, beginning with the nearly nine-minute, progressive rock track "Skies Of Fire," which showcases the band's stellar musicianship. Another epic piece is "Our Time On Earth Pt. 1," which begins with a floating keyboard melody that explodes with energy, as singer Ben Green leads the sonic journey. The band's intense sound continues to excite the senses with the hard rock attack of "Caught In A Frame," before slowing down for the more melodic tone of "The Preacher And The Pigeon Feeder." Compass close out their new album with the nearly eleven-minute classic sounding rock attack of "A Warning From History" and then finishing with the aggressive guitar work of "Our Time On Earth Pt. 2." To find out more about Compass and their latest release "Our Time On Earth," please visit

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