Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Missing Persons Featuring Dale Bozzio Is "Dreaming" About The Eighties Again With A New Album

The 1980's new wave band, Missing Persons are preparing to release their new studio album "Dreaming" on March 20th. It is the band's first release in over six years and features a dozen tracks of mostly cover songs with a few originals added to it. Missing Persons may be best known for their hit singles "Walking In L.A.," "Words" and "Destination Unknown," but now they put their own spin on classics by The Rolling Stones, The Cars and the opening track "California Dreamin'" by The Mamas & The Papas. 

Next, comes a couple of the band's new original tracks, the keyboard-heavy, moody feel of "Lipstick" and the early eighties pop sound of "Dreaming," which sounds like it would be featured on a soundtrack to an iconic eighties movie. Missing Persons take on The Rolling Stones' "Play With Fire," without adding much, keeping it close to the original, while their version of The Cars' "Just What I Needed" is an experiment with electronic music that went excitingly well. Dale Bozzio takes the lyrics and turns them into her own industrial goth-rock number. They keep the dark overtones flowing through their rendition of The Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart," before returning to the lighter, pop sounding "Images Of Heaven." The album's lead single is the iconic psychedelic sixties hit single "Incense and Peppermints," which still has that hallucinating feel to it. Missing Persons finish up their new album with their final original track, "This Time," which finds the band switching gears once again to offer a darker feel to their music. To find out more about Missing Persons featuring Dale Bozzio and their latest release "Dreaming," please visit

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